Arabic 9 In English

By yasmeenmohamad
30 terms by yasmeenmohamad

School (Arabic-English Vocab)

30 terms by COCORICO13

Describing Feelings and Emotions (Arabic-English)

By aghazo
18 terms by aghazo

Keyword method English-Arabic

By Englishlarare
8 terms by Englishlarare

English/Arabic Animals

By SaezClassroom
37 terms by SaezClassroom

Leisure activities English-Arabic

28 terms by COCORICO13

At Home English-Arabic

By SaezClassroom
40 terms by SaezClassroom

English/Arabic Need

By SaezClassroom
17 terms by SaezClassroom

Getting to Know Someone (Arabic-English)

By TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER
19 terms by TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER

English-Arabic Fruit Names

By shouq_ar
10 terms by shouq_ar

Vegetables (Arabic/English)

By ahmedmostafa
20 terms by ahmedmostafa

Arabic/English Drug Unit Vocabulary Ch. 22

By jillmart
21 terms by jillmart

Arabic - English adjectives 1

By KingMarion
12 terms by KingMarion

Arabic- English adjectives 2

By KingMarion
11 terms by KingMarion

Numbers & Operations (Arabic - English)

By mmemercer
18 terms by mmemercer

Arabic Numbers (Arabic Number --> English word)

By karilyn_rust
11 terms by karilyn_rust

Months: Arabic/English

By amera1TEACHER
12 terms by amera1TEACHER

School (Arabic-English Vocab)

By Nicole_Scamuffo
30 terms by Nicole_Scamuffo

Arabic Numbers (Arabic Number --> English word)

By garretbigley
55 terms by garretbigley

English/Arabic Places to go

By SaezClassroom
39 terms by SaezClassroom

The jobs in Arabic and English

By Sadsaad
12 terms by Sadsaad

English/Arabic Weather

By SaezClassroom
27 terms by SaezClassroom

English-Arabic Clothing + Seasons

By SaezClassroom
32 terms by SaezClassroom

Telling the Time (Arabic-English)

By Athena_DiPasquale
13 terms by Athena_DiPasquale

Demo Arabic English

By Asma_Alali
10 terms by Asma_Alali

Math Arabic English Glossary

11 terms by CJ_DavisonTEACHER

The Calendar / English - Arabic

By Mrskhawaja
12 terms by Mrskhawaja

Arabic - English practice

14 terms by MsDM2F

English - Arabic (Verb) I

By WSERiyadh1
192 terms by WSERiyadh1

Describing Feelings and Emotions (Arabic-English)

By Caithlee_Traut6
19 terms by Caithlee_Traut6

Arabic & English - 1

By nickvaniersel
11 terms by nickvaniersel

English/ Arabic Possessive Adjectives

By SaezClassroom
10 terms by SaezClassroom

colors Arabic English

By teachergalit
14 terms by teachergalit

Grammar terms (English/Arabic)

By eslemily
25 terms by eslemily

Arabic Numbers (Arabic Number --> English word)

By turkishcoffee
55 terms by turkishcoffee

English Arabic Lesson Occupations

By manal3
24 terms by manal3

Sports English Arabic

By flutterby4
32 terms by flutterby4

Prepositions English / Arabic

By johncantzonfoster
19 terms by johncantzonfoster

English is... (Arabic)

By MrsShira
15 terms by MrsShira

Pronouns--Arabic and English

By Hafsa_Mustafa
28 terms by Hafsa_Mustafa

Arabic (English) - English

By quizlette888641
82 terms by quizlette888641

Quizlet vocabulary English- Arabic

By MrsShira
40 terms by MrsShira

Places Arabic English


Arabic Alphabet (2): Arabic Sounds Unfamiliar to English Speakers

By e_arabicTEACHER
8 terms by e_arabicTEACHER

English - Arabic Military Terms

By NNicosia
124 terms by NNicosia

Clothing Arabic English B106

By lesliekaduckTEACHER
10 terms by lesliekaduckTEACHER

Animals Arabic English with images

By esraak92
10 terms by esraak92

common verbs in english - arabic

By pjlewis2014
671 terms by pjlewis2014

Clothing Arabic English B106

By gicajkcTEACHER
10 terms by gicajkcTEACHER