Accidents (English to Chinese)

By RoseLiaw
61 terms by RoseLiaw

Education (English to Chinese)

By RoseLiaw
51 terms by RoseLiaw

Economics (English to Chinese)

By RoseLiaw
89 terms by RoseLiaw


By Fiona-Xie
11 terms by Fiona-Xie

Body Parts (Chinese to English)

12 terms by VMS-MandarinTEACHER

Health (English to Chinese)

By RoseLiaw
72 terms by RoseLiaw

chinese to english

By blasting111
22 terms by blasting111

Chinese to English- Chinese vocabulary

By testingtesting2
223 terms by testingtesting2

English chinese

By Yummmmming
17 terms by Yummmmming

Military (English to Chinese)

By RoseLiaw
79 terms by RoseLiaw

Continents - Chinese and English

By MsRegisterESOL
8 terms by MsRegisterESOL

Numbers Chinese to English

By DianeNor
10 terms by DianeNor

Chinese Review English to Chinese

By tiffany8901
12 terms by tiffany8901

Wednesday Chinese/ English vocabulary

By scott_burgan4TEACHER
9 terms by scott_burgan4TEACHER

Chinese words- Chinese to english

By vicvic102
15 terms by vicvic102

Chinese Food--English Names

By ingridccsfTEACHER
39 terms by ingridccsfTEACHER

Clothes Chinese to English (Pinyin)

By Loki1996
14 terms by Loki1996

Chinese English to Chinese

By drewbell48
56 terms by drewbell48

Chinese (Chinese to English

By jon0003
36 terms by jon0003

Common Words - Chinese to English

By ss_ca
250 terms by ss_ca

Chinese Food--English Names

By jpaularae
31 terms by jpaularae

Chinese Food--English Names

By jpaularae
29 terms by jpaularae

Chinese Vocabulary (Chinese to English)

By williamhsu
290 terms by williamhsu

Chinese 16 Chinese-English

By mgavin13
78 terms by mgavin13

Colors (Chinese/English)

By sunja6
10 terms by sunja6

Chinese 15 Chinese-English

By mgavin13
79 terms by mgavin13

ELL - Chinese/English Family

By MWojnar
17 terms by MWojnar

Common Words - Chinese to English

By ss_ca
86 terms by ss_ca

Pets (Chinese to English)

By Adeline_HsiaoTEACHER
15 terms by Adeline_HsiaoTEACHER

International Relations (English to Chinese)

By RoseLiaw
55 terms by RoseLiaw

Family (Chinese to English)

By Adeline_HsiaoTEACHER
16 terms by Adeline_HsiaoTEACHER

Historical Events (English to Chinese)

By RoseLiaw
48 terms by RoseLiaw

Chinese Culture Chinese to English

By LRDuchessofHackney
21 terms by LRDuchessofHackney

English to Chinese

By Joel_Lee21
15 terms by Joel_Lee21

Chinese Numbers Chinese to English

By horne_sarah
20 terms by horne_sarah

Chapter 4 Chinese-English

By gfa6820TEACHER
10 terms by gfa6820TEACHER

HSK1 Word List (Chinese-English)

150 terms by TyrayinTEACHER

Chinese & English

By Sophie_Thomas50
9 terms by Sophie_Thomas50

Industry and Environment (English to Chinese)

By RoseLiaw
75 terms by RoseLiaw

Chinese 2: English to Chinese

By cadecyphers
11 terms by cadecyphers

Fourth Grade Colors (Chinese/English)

By dianedarling
10 terms by dianedarling

Leisure (English to Chinese)

By RoseLiaw
39 terms by RoseLiaw

Integrated Chinese Lesson 5 - Characters => English & pictures

By Alan_HeathTEACHER
32 terms by Alan_HeathTEACHER

Chapter 2 Chinese-English

By gfa6820TEACHER
10 terms by gfa6820TEACHER

Chinese - English Sight Words

By alanabbrown
31 terms by alanabbrown

Chapter 5 Chinese-English

By gfa6820TEACHER
10 terms by gfa6820TEACHER

English - Chinese

By luxi_zou
47 terms by luxi_zou

Family-Chinese characters to English

By ChloeWang1113
10 terms by ChloeWang1113

english chinese

By Annikka2
14 terms by Annikka2

Chinese English

By hutao_xie
20 terms by hutao_xie