verbs of preparation (English - German)

By TheMemory
34 terms by TheMemory

Food preparation - Nahrungszubereitung/English and German (KKBK/vbd)

By vbd_kkbkhaTEACHER
35 terms by vbd_kkbkhaTEACHER

German Preparation

By Sharada_Girish
66 terms by Sharada_Girish

German 2: midterm preparation

By German_1_2_3_IB
67 terms by German_1_2_3_IB

Talk German - pre-course preparation

By RachelHibberdTEACHER
54 terms by RachelHibberdTEACHER

German Exam Preparation

By amstutzni
96 terms by amstutzni

English preparation

69 terms by LUJULIA

english preparation

By wgr8484
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German Oral Preparation

By rhianevans
100 terms by rhianevans

English preparation

By liam3547
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By Courtney_Brandt
15 terms by Courtney_Brandt

English Preparation

By NJHartlage
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English Preparation

By KristenSi
15 terms by KristenSi

A Level German Preparation

By JoshRothwell
90 terms by JoshRothwell

German EXAM Study Preparation

By Asawesomas
40 terms by Asawesomas

GCSE German speaking preparation

By chloegrace15
20 terms by chloegrace15

German Food Preparation

By sno4
16 terms by sno4

German, Cooking and Preparation

By hsjm
8 terms by hsjm

German Kultur- Meal Preparation

By pfeifermegan
11 terms by pfeifermegan

German Outcome 2 Preparation

By christina31484
50 terms by christina31484

German presentation preparation

By Gabe_Sprague
30 terms by Gabe_Sprague

German CA preparation

By Sebastian_Golding
19 terms by Sebastian_Golding

German Oral Preparation :

By b-nash14mu
28 terms by b-nash14mu

German- Exam preparation words

By georgiaclayton
25 terms by georgiaclayton

German Test Preparation Set

By edwardpetrosyan
87 terms by edwardpetrosyan

German Semester Exam Preparation

By proo8
14 terms by proo8

English preparations

By hvquynhanh
30 terms by hvquynhanh

German Speaking Exam Preparation

By maryricerules
29 terms by maryricerules

German first test preparation

By Kav18
70 terms by Kav18

german 2 preparation ideas

By smileysmug
33 terms by smileysmug

8Y1- German writing assessment preparation

By Lydia_Douet
14 terms by Lydia_Douet

Food Preparation Spanish to English

By labrec3
20 terms by labrec3

German K.8 Cooking and Preparation

By jakubcholodecki
8 terms by jakubcholodecki

German prepared answers

By zbu
36 terms by zbu

English Test preparation

By MaikeMagdalene
20 terms by MaikeMagdalene

German - Individual Sport Oral Preparation

By MatthewBruening
15 terms by MatthewBruening

English CAE Preparation September

By romina-h
78 terms by romina-h

German Oral Preparation- die Wende

By tomgeorgeclark96
11 terms by tomgeorgeclark96

English Exam Preparation Questions

By Chaebyn_Moon
9 terms by Chaebyn_Moon

English exam preparation

By uebermo
10 terms by uebermo

English Final Exam Preparation

By JennaCooper32
30 terms by JennaCooper32

English Final Preparation Kit

By Pi415
109 terms by Pi415

English Quarter 3 Test Preparation

By enricinquiz
30 terms by enricinquiz

German Ch: 8 Test Preparation

By sndwd
38 terms by sndwd

Exam preparation demo (English-Hungarian)

By fluency_schoolTEACHER
12 terms by fluency_schoolTEACHER

Exam preparation demo (English-English)

By fluency_schoolTEACHER
10 terms by fluency_schoolTEACHER

Vocabulary (Use of English preparation)

By sawellau
115 terms by sawellau

English CPE preparation

By heudibacardi
424 terms by heudibacardi