German 1 - English-German Vocabulary

53 terms by HKAPA_Euro_LangsTEACHER

German and English

By Marie1717
20 terms by Marie1717

German-English cognates (Germanic)

By HerrDominick
50 terms by HerrDominick

german english

By jam4freezTEACHER
19 terms by jam4freezTEACHER

German Sein German-English

By just20pcheaper
10 terms by just20pcheaper

German and English

By just20pcheaper
20 terms by just20pcheaper

German - English

By quizlette128706
28 terms by quizlette128706

English-German vocabulary

By erdisayar
20 terms by erdisayar

Die Hausarbeit - English/German

By fraubuitragoTEACHER
20 terms by fraubuitragoTEACHER

German to English

By Elphaba24601
23 terms by Elphaba24601


By turek38
30 terms by turek38


By turek38
25 terms by turek38

German-English Weather/Seasons

By Immeta
91 terms by Immeta

English - German

By ZofiaW
16 terms by ZofiaW

English German

By Paul_GiliusTEACHER
181 terms by Paul_GiliusTEACHER

English/German Unit 6

By btaber11
32 terms by btaber11

Commercial English (English/German)

141 terms by FHWien_CCforBETEACHER

English/German Unit 8

By btaber11
24 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 2

By btaber11
28 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 7

By btaber11
55 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 4

By btaber11
49 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 5

By btaber11
38 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 1

By btaber11
32 terms by btaber11

English/German Unit 3

By btaber11
46 terms by btaber11

English to German

By Elphaba24601
26 terms by Elphaba24601

English to German

By Ryland_Kimmel
25 terms by Ryland_Kimmel


By Ashton2410
20 terms by Ashton2410

German to English

By AshleyyAckad
11 terms by AshleyyAckad

English to German

By Lisa_Hiebl
9 terms by Lisa_Hiebl

Classroom objects German-English

By hotairballoon6317
21 terms by hotairballoon6317

German Words not in English

30 terms by TalbooTEACHER

German rules English-German

By katio131
10 terms by katio131

English to German

By shannon_dolan7TEACHER
21 terms by shannon_dolan7TEACHER

German (German to English)

By reggie1264
24 terms by reggie1264

Telling the Time (German-English)

By TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER
22 terms by TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER

German to English

By Daniel_Arroyo2
21 terms by Daniel_Arroyo2


By sam_dotson9
569 terms by sam_dotson9

English German

By leni_theresia
230 terms by leni_theresia


By jigglypufismad
340 terms by jigglypufismad


By Madamegazelle
23 terms by Madamegazelle

German--->English Translations: Animals

By Dragon-of-AIM
31 terms by Dragon-of-AIM

Describing the Family (German-English)

By TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER
33 terms by TheLanguageProfessorTEACHER

English to German

By Anonymous_RD
36 terms by Anonymous_RD

German Health (German to English)

By hmsgShellard
20 terms by hmsgShellard

German Test English To German

By JoshuaCusinato
11 terms by JoshuaCusinato

german to english

By ThomasHeck10
10 terms by ThomasHeck10

German Test German To English

By JoshuaCusinato
10 terms by JoshuaCusinato

German to English

By jackewood13
10 terms by jackewood13


By inekeelizabeth
25 terms by inekeelizabeth


By nshah9556
20 terms by nshah9556