Learn Hindi from English

By Harini_Krishnaswamy
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Learning Hindi

By alex_wickstrom7
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Learning Hindi

By Jeena367
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Hindi learning

By anushri123
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Learn Hindi

By david_rohit_nielsen
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Hindi "A" Words- Hindi/English

By antlerbaby
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Learn Hindi

By brendabailon
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Hindi learn

By rajinikanthhc
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Hindi to English

By hd2332
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By np8771
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hindi learn-2

By rajinikanthhc
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Hindi Useful Terms Quiz 3 English - Hindi

By stephaniedowning
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Hindi Common Phrases (Hindi to English)

By moskowiz
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Learn to Count to Ten in Hindi!

By FriendsOfIndia
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Hindi to English

By Aarti797_
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Learned Hindi Vocab

By livibug98
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learn hindi by shlok

By Shlokshah
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Learn Hindi (Small)

By david_rohit_nielsen
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English-Hindi Dictionary 2012

By ABCamargarh
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Pronouns English to Hindi

By vinita_battu
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English => Hindi Flashcards

By paa25
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Hindi- Basic Vocabulary (English)

By JKaufhold34
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Hindi (English Script)

By MoesKnows8
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#9B: Hindi colors transliterated in English

By ilearnhindi
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English-Hindi Dictionary 2011

By sespwildcat06
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English-Hindi Dictionary 2011

By Afreen_Chouhan
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#8B: Hindi Opposites transliterated in English

By ilearnhindi
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Hindi-English Sentences (March)

By EliseGerry
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#4B: Hindi Pronouns transliterated in English

By ilearnhindi
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English Part 1 (Hindi)

By omorgan100
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2000 Hindi Words (in English)

By Chackoony
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Fiszki English - Hindi 2

By msbungle
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Fiszki English - Hindi

By msbungle
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English to Hindi 1-10

By cs031214
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Hindi (English to opinion)

By jordan_dakin
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english learning

By ggie_ma
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By Teacher-Ale
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Hindi/urdu through english

By APeunic
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By lindsaylucas1977TEACHER
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English-Hindi Dictionary 2012

By kamar_raza
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English-Hindi Dictionary 2011

By monimathur
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English-Hindi Dictionary 2011

By Aarti797_
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English-Hindi Dictionary 2011

By Raman_Kaur18
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Basic Hindi-English Verbs

By Greenblock40
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English-Hindi Dictionary 2012

By rizvim045
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#7B: Common Hindi verbs transliterated in English

By ilearnhindi
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#2 : Hindi consonants, alphabets transliterated in English

By ilearnhindi
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Learn the Hindi Alphabet (part 1-vowels)

By ixj8586
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Learning English

By abrown32788
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