Greek Affixes and Roots #2 (Greek to English)

By Leanne_calvert
20 terms by Leanne_calvert

7th grade greek english 2

By mcnettmi
13 terms by mcnettmi

Greek Bases 2-English

By allyblack
24 terms by allyblack

English Greek Terms 2

By sydrid3
12 terms by sydrid3

English Greek Vocabulary 2

By marguerite_pankey
26 terms by marguerite_pankey

English : Greek Roots (2)

By chirpyraven
15 terms by chirpyraven

2 English Greek roots

By gracechico_
31 terms by gracechico_

English (Greek roots 2)

By elliot_karp1
20 terms by elliot_karp1

2. English: greek lit!

By rainbowpaste
31 terms by rainbowpaste

English Greek Roots 2

By Rothsf
21 terms by Rothsf


By chaib
15 terms by chaib

English Greek Roots Test #2

By joshua_barforough
12 terms by joshua_barforough

English Greek #2

By Bailey_Mikule
20 terms by Bailey_Mikule

English Greek Roots #2

By katierock15
8 terms by katierock15

English Greek Unit 2

By John_Taaada
10 terms by John_Taaada

English 2 greek myths

By Fhusain
15 terms by Fhusain

Advanced english Greek 2

17 terms by PEYTON_DAVIS10

English greek roots 2

By AllWasWell
40 terms by AllWasWell

english greek roots 2

By Zachary_Salas-Vince
15 terms by Zachary_Salas-Vince

English Greek Roots 2

By cgibbs6349
22 terms by cgibbs6349

English 3 Greek 2

By malcolmsears1
12 terms by malcolmsears1

English Greek roots #2

By czerniaka
10 terms by czerniaka

English Greek Roots 2

By hmhurst
25 terms by hmhurst

English Greek vocab -#2

By hannahbcrow
27 terms by hannahbcrow

english greek #2

By charvaningen
15 terms by charvaningen

Greek to English 2

By Alexander_McMorrow
20 terms by Alexander_McMorrow

English Greek Vocab #2

By knauers
8 terms by knauers

English 2 Greek Drama

By RileyRiley4
9 terms by RileyRiley4

english 2: greek roots

By alexandriaawest
29 terms by alexandriaawest

English Greek Roots 2

By gogglesgray
21 terms by gogglesgray

English 2 Greek Mythology

By Baggettj17
35 terms by Baggettj17

english greek roots #2

By izzybruckman
16 terms by izzybruckman

English Greek 2

By JCarp1114
12 terms by JCarp1114


By jbhunter1
12 terms by jbhunter1

english- greek roots 2

By hayholee
10 terms by hayholee

Greek Terms (English 2)

By emilyminingg
14 terms by emilyminingg


By alexia_cp
28 terms by alexia_cp

English greek roots #2

By stellae123
14 terms by stellae123

English Greek Prefixes #2

By mikawrig
18 terms by mikawrig

English greek roots #2

By kkruge03
24 terms by kkruge03

English Greek Roots 2

By chloerrific
15 terms by chloerrific

Greek 2 English Terms

By HBrown2020
15 terms by HBrown2020

English Greek list #2

By mollytransou
30 terms by mollytransou

Greek Roots (English 2)

By arianna_wickman18
45 terms by arianna_wickman18

English Greek Terms #2

By mikawrig
18 terms by mikawrig

English 2 Greek Drama vocab

By hannah6398
15 terms by hannah6398

L2.2: Greek to English

By Arnold_Karr
15 terms by Arnold_Karr

English 2, Greek Roots List 2 Review

By Carissa_Drummond85
20 terms by Carissa_Drummond85

English Vocab and Greek.2

By Justine_Magalona
49 terms by Justine_Magalona

English 2 Greek Roots 2

By jack_terry11
16 terms by jack_terry11