LEP English -- Poetry & Figurative Language Unit

By lauriebethdillmanTEACHER
16 terms by lauriebethdillmanTEACHER

English: Language of Poetry vocab

By amie12
11 terms by amie12

Figurative language - English poetry

By TessW_5
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English Poetry Language Vocab

By angelina_ab3
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By Lily_Shackleton
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English Poetry Figurative Language

By clc5554
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Poetry: Flavor to the English Language

By jerolara
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English Poetry Terms (Language)

By mudragupta
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English Poetry Language

By jasmine_moyers
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English Poetry Figurative Language

By zozosherm
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English: Poetry (Figurative Language)

By lexi_dunbar246
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Grade 7 English Figurative Language/Poetry Terms

By gina_studebaker
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English language- Poetry

By libby_turl
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English Poetry + Figurative language

By Ashley_Kim22
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english: The language of poetry

By Elliebelly1799
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English Poetry Language Features

By Lauren-Hutchinson
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English Poetry Language Quiz

By Tindra_Soderberg
32 terms by Tindra_Soderberg

Figurative Language/poetry English 1A

By pmpaul
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English Language: Unseen poetry - Poetry glossary-Anthology

By emilyjhayes
15 terms by emilyjhayes

English Poetry Terms (Figurative language)

By WilloughbyS
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English IV Poetry; Language Terms

By bittersweetdove
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English Poetry test: figurative language

By lara_vargas
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Unseen Poetry Glossary (English Language)

By Tam_Amabibi
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NES English Language Arts (Poetry)

By cindy_drake5
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English 7-Poetry/Figurative Language

By marvelousHybrid
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Poetry language

By tbree2
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English Final - Poetry and Figurative Language

By fire031
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The Language of Poetry Ms. Smith English

By Jesse_Sall
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English Language Arts - Poetry Terms

By anna_volotovska
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English poetry Key terms- language

By Ionamoxon
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By celiafrostTEACHER
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english unseen poetry glossary language

By Yameen_Patel
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English:Poetry! Figurative Language/Elements

By sylveon1465
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English Language & Literature | Poetry - Structure

By andreavila
17 terms by andreavila

Language in Poetry

4 terms by MS_ILDIKO

English Final (Shay) Poetry Terms/Figurative Language

By Anna_Tystahl1
32 terms by Anna_Tystahl1

English 2 Figurative language and poetry

By Luke6086
26 terms by Luke6086

Praxis 2 English Literature, Language, & Poetry 0041

By sylviashipp
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English 1b figurative language in poetry

By Rebecca_Joyce26
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Poetic Language; English Poetry Exam

By margevelazquez
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Poetry Quiz AP English Language

By hmollica17
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English Exam Poetry/Figurative Language

By jujuclaire
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NCEA English Level One Poetry Language Terms.

By dave_schaumann
13 terms by dave_schaumann

[English] Figurative Language and Devices in Poetry

By Peter_Deck
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English 200 poetry elements and languages

By TiaraLMoore
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Poetry Language

By Melissa_Snody
15 terms by Melissa_Snody

AS English Literature/Language - Poetry terminology

By sarahcatherine17
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