034 - a : vowels short sounds

11 terms By linda_liao

040 - e : vowels short sounds

8 terms By linda_liao

051 - o : vowels short sounds

6 terms By linda_liao

047 - i : vowels short sounds

8 terms By linda_liao

English: Short i

8 terms By Sra_Contreras

o and /o/ breve (short sound)

26 terms By jagoodwin

English: Short o

8 terms By Sra_Contreras

"u" short sound

11 terms By Sharon_Montano

058 - u -vowels short sounds

27 terms By linda_liao

English Short Story Vocabulary

56 terms By darkdragonslayergirl

Stage 24 English/Short Form

27 terms By magistrahahn Teacher

"A" short sound

7 terms By ilordbyron

English: Short e

8 terms By Sra_Contreras


39 terms By ManitoulinTutor

Short /a/ sounds

24 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

9th Grade English Short Story Vocab

39 terms By sarabarnett Teacher

short sound vowels

20 terms By asboat

English Short Story Unit

33 terms By lhelmers

Level 2 Kanji Long/Short Sounds

181 terms By jppanda

English Short Stories Test Vocab

45 terms By zeamelinamaroon

Unit 2 - SHORT SOUND OF "i"

48 terms By ManitoulinTutor

Short /u/ sounds

21 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher


34 terms By ManitoulinTutor

English Short-Story Test Study Guide

32 terms By Samuel_Szuchan

English: Short u words

8 terms By Sra_Contreras


30 terms By ManitoulinTutor

english short stories

64 terms By jackie_dhae


31 terms By ManitoulinTutor

English- Short Story Terms

34 terms By lemoncupcakes

English Short Stories Test

42 terms By joshtmeadows

English- Short Story Vocab

35 terms By nicola_ferris

English Short Stories

54 terms By allym88

Short /i/ sounds

18 terms By LunaTeacher Teacher

one vowel with a short sound: a

24 terms By newheightseducation

English Short Stories

42 terms By ldavis1009

English Short Story Vocab

40 terms By Sofia_2018

Caleb Diagraphs short sounds

17 terms By rachelphelps

English Short Story Author Identification

110 terms By AMontare

Unit 31 Short sound of "oo"

23 terms By ManitoulinTutor

one vowel with a short sound: e

24 terms By newheightseducation

English Short Story Terms

35 terms By Stephanie_Stoyles

English Short story Vocab

22 terms By Catriona3

English Short Stories (test 9/28)

27 terms By awesomelypossum

English short story staggs

87 terms By caroline_winstel

English Short Story Vocab

72 terms By Shannon_Clough6

English Short Story Vocab

48 terms By SweetyetDeadly

English- Short Story Terms

32 terms By meggels27

Short sounds....Claribel Giler

13 terms By claribel_giler

English Short Story Vocabulary

37 terms By angela_chung

English: Short a

8 terms By Sra_Contreras