English novel and short story

By alex_42
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english novel and short story

By kenning_hen
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English 12 - New Short Story & Novel Terms

By mssy
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English - Elements of the Novel and Short Story

By rebecca_tague
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English Exam Short Story & Novel

By maddieeedoring
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English Short Story and Novel Terms

By kayla_611
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English Novel and Short Story Vocabulary

By Ejjones24
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English: Elements of the Short Story and Novel

By MandyHughes
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English exam novels and short stories

By ethan_nations14
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English finals short stories & novels

By whales1232
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English 9 novel and short story terms

By mdevans1TEACHER
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English 12 - New Short Story & Novel Terms

By Superoldguy
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Short Story/Novel Terms

By cbeveridge2015
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English 10 - Short Stories/Novels 1 (character)

By mssy
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English 12 - New Short Story & Novel Terms

By Zvivian
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Short Story and Novel Terminology

By SaranyB
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English review novel/short story review

By Amanda_Norr5
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English II short story novel flash cards

By lucasjgonzalez
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English 12 - New Short Story & Novel Terms

By cherry0153
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honors english final (short story and novel)

By itsSamW
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Short story/novel analysis

By marie_nielsenTEACHER
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English 9 Literary Terms--Short Stories and Novels

By BFettweis
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Pre-AP English- elements of short story and novel

By alkuker
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Short story/Novel Terms

57 terms by MrsDAdamsTEACHER

IB novel / short story terms

By MrsGonzalezteach
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short story and novel terms

By macylee0125
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H. English III Shorts Stories and Novel Authors

By Savannah_Walters
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short story and novel terms

By coree2
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short story/novel terms

By Samantha_Alexander13
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Short Stories and Novels Review, Grade 10 English

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Short Story and Novel

By nikkipie19
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english: midterm exam NOVELS AND SHORT STORIES

By amandakp_
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Short Story / Novel Terms

By Laina101
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short story and novel review

By kpierson09120
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Novel And Short Story Elements

By ees16
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Authors of short stories/novels for English exam

By ellemcneill
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By laurenkress2018
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Short Story Novel terms

By ckmusic
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Short Story/Novel Terms and Phobias - Adv. English 10

By noahhetrick1
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Short Story/Novel Terms

By Hanna_Wells3
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Short Story & Novel Literary Terms

By RM2-1-61
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Elements of the short story and novel

By abby1360
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English 9 & 10: Short Story and Novel Terms and Devices

By emathias2000
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Elements of novel/short story

By tonnelso
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Short story/ novel elements

By Hailey_V_5sos
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Novel/Short Story

By m_gim
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Short story/novel terms

By sydnict
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Short Story Novel Vocab

By Dmshipley
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