Short story/novel analysis

15 terms By marie_nielsen Teacher

Literary Devices-Short Stories/Novels

41 terms By CristaS Teacher

Short story/Novel Terms

57 terms By MrsDAdams Teacher

English Final: Short Stories/Novel

76 terms By ericcool

Short Story/Novel Terms

35 terms By Brielle-Levy

Literary terms short stories/novel

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Short Story/Novel Literary Terms

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Short Story & Novel Literary Terms

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Short Story/Novel Terms

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Short Story/Novel

35 terms By Cr2850

Short Story/Novel Review

59 terms By RaysFan39

Literary Devices-Short Stories/Novels

41 terms By hanne_viken

Novel & Short Story Literary Devices

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Short Stories/Novel Terms to know

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English II short story novel flash cards

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Short Story/ Novel

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Short Story/Novel Terms

27 terms By Hanna_Wells3

Short Story Novel terms

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Short Story/Novel Terms

29 terms By malaystralian

Short Story Novel Lit Terms

56 terms By genna_glenn

Short Story/ Novel Vocab

41 terms By allipurple

Authors of Short Stories/Novels

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Short Stories & Novels

40 terms By Jon_Nardi10

Literary Terms Short story/novel

40 terms By Marcusin

English Exam Short Story & Novel

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37 terms By classofmothers

Short Story/ Novel Terms

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Novels/ Short Stories/ Poems

49 terms By MarniSheps

Short story/novel terms

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Short Story/ Novel Literary Terms

40 terms By wadellis

Elements of novel/short story

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Short Story/Novel

35 terms By cnwfield

Novel/Short Story Literary Terms

24 terms By cfstack

Short Story/Novel Unit Literary Terms

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Lit Terms: Short Story/Novel

40 terms By Sam_mollenhauer

short story/novel lit terms

40 terms By kaylie_holmberg

Short Story/Novel Lit Terms

40 terms By eliza_fader

Elements of the short story/novel

25 terms By Anna_Lefante

Short story / Novel analysis terms

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