48 terms By hanzoom

Thai vowels pronunciation

18 terms By OMGukilledKenny

Thai Vegetables

23 terms By Kirstinag

ESL | English Language Vocabulary for Thai Speakers

480 terms By brucewagner Teacher


58 terms By ppat

Thai Consonants

46 terms By pbf123

ULS 2.15 (English to Thai Pronunciation)

30 terms By wiseloren

Thai Food Vocabulary 1

12 terms By dbkenw

BARRON'S TOEIC Lesson 10: Correspondence (Thai-English)

12 terms By auua5011

AEN Maths into Thai

8 terms By Galesito Teacher

Thai Vocabulary - Time

36 terms By netphaze


53 terms By lucky_turtle56

Thai Vocabulary - Body Parts

25 terms By netphaze

BARRON'S TOEIC Lesson 1: Contracts (Thai-English)

12 terms By auua5011

Thai 2 General Grp-1

45 terms By satjo2

ULS 1.10 (Thai Pronunciation to English)

22 terms By wiseloren

Thai Vocabulary - Question Words

10 terms By netphaze

BARRON'S TOEIC Lesson 2: Marketing (Thai-English)

12 terms By auua5011

ULS 2.18 (English to Thai Pronunciation)

25 terms By wiseloren

BARRON'S TOEIC Lesson 14: Salaries and Benefits (Thai-English)

12 terms By auua5011

Thai English Classroom Language

37 terms By chowlori Teacher

(Thai Food Vocabulary)

20 terms By Jaroonrat1997

Demo Thai English words

10 terms By AsianUniversity

Thai Place Names

21 terms By sarahwebber01

Thai English June 2013

6 terms By mattmiklas


15 terms By 15233126

Thai phrases (in Thai letters and English)

62 terms By erik_melander

Pongchat Fruits in Thai

30 terms By Noy_Chunkasut

한국어 Chinese Number in Korean (Thai-English) Learn Korean

32 terms By auua5011

Thai class - introductions

24 terms By Frenchey

ULS 2.9 (English to Thai Pronunciation)

24 terms By wiseloren

みなの日本語❸初級 第28課 (Thai-English) minano nihongo

44 terms By auua5011

Date in Japanese (Thai-English)

32 terms By auua5011

เอาตัวรอดในการใช้ภาษาอังกฤษ (Survival English for Thais) - การคุยเกี่ยวกับตัวเอง (Talking about your…

7 terms By mattmiklas

เอาตัวรอดในการใช้ภาษาอังกฤษ (Survival English for Thais) - ภาษาอังกฤษสำคัญสูงสุด (Utmost essential)

5 terms By mattmiklas

ULS 2.1 (Thai Pronunciation to English)

24 terms By wiseloren

ULS 3.2 (English to Thai Pronunciation)

25 terms By wiseloren

ULS 2.15 (Thai Pronunciation to English)

30 terms By wiseloren

ULS 2.17 (Thai Pronunciation to English)

40 terms By wiseloren

100 most commonly used English words in Thai by Roddy Shaw

100 terms By rodshaw

Thai food names in English

31 terms By rutchunee_klungngoen

한국어 Verb (Thai-English) Learn Korean

33 terms By auua5011

ULS 1.13 (Thai Pronunciation to English)

29 terms By wiseloren

한국어 Family (Thai-English) Learn Korean

24 terms By auua5011

ULS 1.8 (Thai Pronunciation to English)

33 terms By wiseloren

Thai Study Verbs-Group 1

34 terms By satjo2

ULS 1.6 (Thai Pronunciation to English)

22 terms By wiseloren

General Thai Vocabulary 2

12 terms By dbkenw

Thai and English Antonyms "A"

43 terms By zenific

ULS 3.1 (Thai Pronunciation to English)

19 terms By wiseloren