Present and Past Tense Verbs

77 terms By MsJasper Teacher

100 Irregular Past Tense Verbs

100 terms By BBakin Teacher

past tense verbs

16 terms By i-English Teacher

Past Tense Verbs

70 terms By MrsVartha Teacher

Realidades 2 5B Irregular preterite tense verbs

56 terms By SraGallant Teacher

Regular past tense verbs (T- sound)

32 terms By reynaalonzo Teacher

(Esmiti) ~ E2 Repaso ~ reg pres tense verbs w/ pronouns

33 terms By Esmiti Teacher

Irregular Past Tense Verbs

50 terms By swbrandt

Regular past tense verbs. (id- sound)

40 terms By reynaalonzo Teacher

Present tense verbs

69 terms By jchspanish2 Teacher

French present tense verbs ending in -ir practice

24 terms By kgrosso Teacher

Present tense verbs

43 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

Irregular Past Tense Verbs

20 terms By S_Nartiff Teacher

100% Regular Present Tense Verbs (Pictures)

42 terms By Hawkinator Teacher

The Gardener Past-Tense Verbs

20 terms By jenmijangos Teacher

Perfect tense verbs

20 terms By jhreben Teacher

Regular Present Tense verbs (-er, -ir, -re)

55 terms By actuohy Teacher

French present tense verbs that end in -re practice

15 terms By kgrosso Teacher

Irregular Past Tense Verbs

96 terms By arthurwenzel Teacher

Vocabulary List 4 - Past Tense Verbs

40 terms By Ms_Tabitha Teacher

Irregular Past Tense Verbs

44 terms By stickle-m Teacher

St 4 Pres Tense Verbs English to Latin

54 terms By magistramartin Teacher

(Esmiti) ~ E2 Repaso ~ irregular present tense verbs w/ subject pronouns

28 terms By Esmiti Teacher

8.2 Regular -AR/-ER/-IR Preterite tense verbs combined

93 terms By sldreyer Teacher

Present Tense verbs

20 terms By MsSchwiening Teacher

Present Tense Verbs

161 terms By Lindsey_Cloud Teacher

EC4 Past tense verbs

15 terms By silcteachers Teacher

present tense verbs

9 terms By aalderson Teacher

SOME useful present tense verbs (Spanish 1 going into Spanish 2)

73 terms By srawhizz Teacher

irregular past tense verbs #2

6 terms By elizabethjmcc Teacher

2A - review, regular present tense verbs

63 terms By SraWendt Teacher

Regular (ar,er,ir) present tense verb conjugations

20 terms By Miriam_Hidalgo Teacher

Regular past tense verbs. (d- sound)

36 terms By reynaalonzo Teacher

Must-know French past tense verbs

48 terms By stephenm Teacher

Irregular future tense verbs

61 terms By SrVanFleet Teacher

o -> ue present tense verbs

15 terms By senoritaduff Teacher

Regular Present Tense Verb Conjugations

20 terms By ledgerly Teacher

Pronunciation of the "ed" ending of Regular Past Tense Verbs

80 terms By BBakin Teacher

Regular Tense Verbs: German to English

39 terms By Schaefer22 Teacher

Past tense verbs

31 terms By MrsSOJones Teacher

Irregular Past Tense Verbs

50 terms By elizabethkinglol

Irregular Past Tense Verbs

25 terms By skydawg Teacher

WDC past tense verbs

19 terms By koconnell285 Teacher

JWU English 2 Past Tense Verbs

48 terms By D-Chapman Teacher

Irregular Past Tense verbs 2

32 terms By mrsanntutoring Teacher

Present Tense Verbs

132 terms By tcanisalez Teacher


70 terms By susanolderman Teacher

Descubre 3 Irregular Present Tense Verbs

33 terms By mrs_shamgo Teacher


91 terms By j_quinlan Teacher

Past Tense Verbs

38 terms By francoG106 Teacher