Classification of Enlgish Literature

By Shontavia_Wright
19 terms by Shontavia_Wright

Renaissance/ Middle Enlgish Literature Test

By hmerritt1016
9 terms by hmerritt1016

8th Grade Enlgish Literature Test - Unit 2 Vocabulary

By emziegrace_51
25 terms by emziegrace_51


By oliviaa18
15 terms by oliviaa18

AP Enlgish Lit Terms

By calarolyn
152 terms by calarolyn


By analucia_blanco
21 terms by analucia_blanco

Enlgish I Lit Terms

By Seth_Stone31
91 terms by Seth_Stone31

Enlgish vocab

By briannafuller15
18 terms by briannafuller15

Enlgish Gilgmsh quiz

By crespij17
14 terms by crespij17

Enlgish II Final Lit Terms

By nathangeddes08
20 terms by nathangeddes08

enlgish set

By alex_mendoza7
35 terms by alex_mendoza7

enlgish final 2015

By smind0119
27 terms by smind0119

Enlgish test

By Rgreeley3
43 terms by Rgreeley3

Pre-AP 10 Lit Vocab #4

By Cierra_Weaver
25 terms by Cierra_Weaver

Enlgish literary devices.

By Zackary_Knowles
125 terms by Zackary_Knowles

Enlgish keystone

By shivangpatel10
14 terms by shivangpatel10

Of Mice and Men Literary Terms

By Ann_MallerTEACHER
13 terms by Ann_MallerTEACHER

Enlgish Quiz 3

By Jessica_Dobbins10
30 terms by Jessica_Dobbins10

Keystone Literature Glossary 2013

By brandon_hershey
99 terms by brandon_hershey

enlgish III vocab terms

By dtaylor07
18 terms by dtaylor07

Enlgish Greek words

By laurenel99
22 terms by laurenel99

enlgish FINALS

By nidwaq1
28 terms by nidwaq1

Enlgish phil-(philo-) vocab

By Yolanda_Kempf
15 terms by Yolanda_Kempf


By BrandonGallego
102 terms by BrandonGallego

Literature 2

By Garrett_Coward
40 terms by Garrett_Coward

Enlgish II Literary Terms

By Juan_Cazares
24 terms by Juan_Cazares

44 Enlgish Exam Terms

By Taleah_Sadler4
44 terms by Taleah_Sadler4

2015-16 AMSTUDS Lit Terms

By MrGoldhammer
81 terms by MrGoldhammer

Vocab from folk literature (matching)

By tsmith2805
15 terms by tsmith2805

US lit Section 1 Vocab

By isaacboruchowicz
26 terms by isaacboruchowicz

Sja enlgish 1 final

By marisakearns
14 terms by marisakearns

AP Poetry Terms

By mwerly
40 terms by mwerly

Section V

By isaacboruchowicz
8 terms by isaacboruchowicz

2015-16 Junior Vocab

By MrGoldhammer
215 terms by MrGoldhammer

Class Subjects

By aroselle6
17 terms by aroselle6

Great Expectations - Characters

By adamwilson81TEACHER
16 terms by adamwilson81TEACHER

enlgish midterm- anglo saxon terms

By keeganbarger
30 terms by keeganbarger

Enlgish terms for Romanticism test

By JannaeHope
27 terms by JannaeHope

Time Line-English Literature

By Alexis17Blair
14 terms by Alexis17Blair

literature Q2

By allienelson
15 terms by allienelson

ap eng 4 lit terms

By chlodoable
36 terms by chlodoable

Academic Terms - English II H

By StaceyRoozeboom
117 terms by StaceyRoozeboom

Terms- AP English Language and Composition

By sdeckelmann
90 terms by sdeckelmann


By johnsankTEACHER
11 terms by johnsankTEACHER

To Kill a Mockingbird - Quote Identification

By Barta1994TEACHER
36 terms by Barta1994TEACHER

Great Expectations: Characters

By gdlynchTEACHER
18 terms by gdlynchTEACHER

29 AP Rhetorical terms with examples

By tcniemannTEACHER
31 terms by tcniemannTEACHER

Macbeth Quotes

By hiesstrategiesTEACHER
13 terms by hiesstrategiesTEACHER

The Great Gatsby Quotes

By ToastR1
15 terms by ToastR1