Ar/Ir/ Er/ Preterite Verbs

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ER Preterite Verbs

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Spanish ER Preterite

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-ir and -er preterite

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ER preterite

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ER Preterite

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Combo with ir and er preterite present 1st & 2nd person

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IR/ER Preterite & Imperfect

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Spanish IR/ER Preterit

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IR/ER preterite practice

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endings - er preterite

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-er preterite irregular

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spanish ir and er preterite

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Spanish 2 -AR,-IR, -ER Preterit Endings

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ER preterite verbs

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-Ir/-Er Preterite

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IR/ER Preterite and Shopping Vocab Test

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Ir y Er Preterite Verbs

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vocab ir er preterite

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ER Preterites

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Ir/Er Preterite

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ER Preterite

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-ar, -ir, -er preterite

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ir/er preterite

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Spanish AR/IR/ER preterite

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IR+ER preterite

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Er preterites

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Ir-ER preterite endings

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-Er preterite

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ER preterite

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🇪🇸 Spanish: ir/er preterite endings

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ar-er preterite

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ir/er preterite (with competir, jugar, y practicar)

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AR ER preterite

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ir and er preterite tense verbs

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-er preterite

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Er preterite

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ER preterite

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Chapter #24 Review with pictures Ir and Er preterit

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Er Preterit

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*er preterite regular verbs

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er preterite

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ER Preterit

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Er preterite

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-ER Preterite

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ER preterite

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ER preterite

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-ir -er preterit/vocab

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Ar and Er Preterite Conjugations

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