-ir and -er preterite

39 terms By ineedthisthing

Er (preterite tense)

6 terms By sam_Deeley

-ir and -er preterite

10 terms By ListeningDaisy

-ir and -er Preterite

5 terms By griffith93

ir/er preterit & vocab

38 terms By Emily_Bellan

2A-ir & -er preterite

42 terms By Carol_Nichol

IR/ER preterite practice

10 terms By senoritafenton TEACHER

ER Preterites

5 terms By Bellje

ER Preterite Verbs

40 terms By sam_edward_simmons

endings - er preterite

42 terms By lexiegustafson

-er preterite irregular

63 terms By luisamillard

Spanish ER Preterite

32 terms By skyemoo

ER preterite

24 terms By ecooke9

ER Preterite

24 terms By srajansen

spanish ir and er preterite

57 terms By bentonowen2

ER preterite verbs

119 terms By GurjeetBhinder

vocab ir er preterite

24 terms By Ashley_Lou

Ir/er preterite verbs

24 terms By jsschach

Ir er preterite

27 terms By Owen_Hevly2000

ER Preterite

19 terms By Renee_Myers

Ir- preterite... ir/er preterite

11 terms By CrimDeLaCrim

Spanish ir er preterite and irregulars

36 terms By kristin_taylor7


18 terms By annanong

Er preterites

15 terms By AustinHolcomb

Ir y Er Preterite Verbs

26 terms By emmanicholay

-er preterite

17 terms By niv_jala

ER Preterite verbs

24 terms By maddiekempp

IR/ER preterite endings

6 terms By castilloSFHS TEACHER

-ir/-er preterit endings

6 terms By Kberrigan03

ir/er preterite

19 terms By y2014emevon

-ar, -ir, -er preterite

18 terms By LeaTallegas28

AR/IR/ER Preterit conjugations

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-Er preterite

13 terms By Gabriella_Mata

-ir and -er Preterite

20 terms By goosepit42

-IR/-ER preterite

6 terms By c0ry1nd4h0u53

Ir and Er Preterite

6 terms By funtime437__

IR/ Er preterite endings

6 terms By FreyaJhugroo

ir and er preterite tense verbs

12 terms By dawny44

'er' preterite

12 terms By mckayla_k2120

Er preterite

12 terms By deborah_burrell

Er preterite

10 terms By A100008202

IR AND ER Preterite

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-ir -er preterit/vocab

16 terms By acunningham_12

er preterite

6 terms By benmarchiony

-ER Preterite

6 terms By ambyr00