ER Preterite

By sralampon
24 terms by sralampon

Preterite of -er

By lalaloveq
10 terms by lalaloveq

Er preterite

By deborah_burrell
12 terms by deborah_burrell

ER Preterite

By Renee_Myers
19 terms by Renee_Myers

Preterite -ER

By julia_jensen_17
10 terms by julia_jensen_17


By annanong
18 terms by annanong

-er preterite

By niv_jala
17 terms by niv_jala

Preterite -ER/ -IR

By Burke_SpanishTEACHER
20 terms by Burke_SpanishTEACHER

-Er preterite

By Gabriella_Mata
13 terms by Gabriella_Mata

El Preterite -er

By cindybarney
10 terms by cindybarney

er/ir preterites

By janice_ventresco
70 terms by janice_ventresco

'er' preterite

By mckayla_k2120
12 terms by mckayla_k2120

ar, er and ir preterites

By BMSMsFletcher
16 terms by BMSMsFletcher

Preterite (-er, -ir)

By SrtaAbarcaTEACHER
12 terms by SrtaAbarcaTEACHER

-er/-ir preterite

By ldossantos322
32 terms by ldossantos322

-ER & -IR Regular preterite

By sralampon
46 terms by sralampon

preterite ar, er, ir

By profesoberonTEACHER
40 terms by profesoberonTEACHER


By awildad
15 terms by awildad

ER-IR Preterite Vocab

By mslamedina619
19 terms by mslamedina619

Preterite ER and IR Verbs

By leslieteacher
14 terms by leslieteacher

er/ir preterite

By colleenoshea
15 terms by colleenoshea

Preterite -ER/ -IR

By ProfeWilsonTEACHER
37 terms by ProfeWilsonTEACHER

Er and Ir Preterites

By dakota_couturiaux
18 terms by dakota_couturiaux

IR, ER, AR, preterites

By Amandajayyy
24 terms by Amandajayyy

Preterite, ER/IR Verbs

By Senorita_Ditty
24 terms by Senorita_Ditty

preterite tense -er/ir

By Grace_Smith35
20 terms by Grace_Smith35

Ar, er, and ir preterites

By JuanR67
12 terms by JuanR67

IR/ER Preterites

By lacomsie
8 terms by lacomsie

Er/Ir Preterite Verbs

By ltucker203
20 terms by ltucker203

ER & IR Preterite + triggers

By SenorC
32 terms by SenorC

AR/ER/IR preterites

By Cheyenne_Lynn9
14 terms by Cheyenne_Lynn9

-er and -ir regular preterites

By annakmec
18 terms by annakmec

-ar,-er, -ir preterites

By Ashlyn_Richardson8
9 terms by Ashlyn_Richardson8

Er/Ir preterite endings

By Breana81
9 terms by Breana81

ER and IR preterite practice

By Patricia_MollerTEACHER
20 terms by Patricia_MollerTEACHER

Preterites of -er and -ir verbs

By maddyl18
36 terms by maddyl18

Preterite -ER & -IR Verbs

By erinwalton
43 terms by erinwalton

ER/IR Preterite

By Reginaguinn
32 terms by Reginaguinn

ER/IR Preterite

By SenoritaStuart
18 terms by SenoritaStuart

-ar/-er/-ir Preterit

By Carol_FeigeTEACHER
9 terms by Carol_FeigeTEACHER

ER/IR Preterite

By daviscm10
50 terms by daviscm10

Preterite regular ER/IR verbs

By snistlerTEACHER
48 terms by snistlerTEACHER

-ER & -IR preterite verbs

By smsanchez
25 terms by smsanchez

ER/IR Preterite

By Reginaguinn
32 terms by Reginaguinn

Preterite -ER/-IR translations

By cjunk00
25 terms by cjunk00


By campanasTEACHER
36 terms by campanasTEACHER

Preterit -AR/-ER/-IR

By lkohelTEACHER
21 terms by lkohelTEACHER

Preterite (Regular -er/-ir)

By rhsteacher1TEACHER
78 terms by rhsteacher1TEACHER

AR/ER/IR preterite

By Suzanne_Siebert
60 terms by Suzanne_Siebert

Preterite -er/-ir verbs

By profebollmanTEACHER
40 terms by profebollmanTEACHER