Chapter 1. - Train Station.

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Español 2, Capítulo 1

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Español 2 Capitulo 1

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Espanol 2 (Pagina Ciento sesenta y nueve; Vocabulario)

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NSE Level 2- Train Travel

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Español II: Travel vocabulary

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Español II: Travel vocabulary

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ESPAÑOL II 6.5. En la estación de ferrocarril

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Past Tense (Espanol)

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Espanol Training

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Español 8-Train Buen Viaje!

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Train Station Vocab en Espanol

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train vocab espanol

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Espanol Train Vocab 2

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Francesc training

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train unit espaǹol

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Espanol Train Vocab 1

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Spanish 2 ~ Trains

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Espanol Train Vocab 3

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Espanol 2B Vocabulario - The Train Station

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Españoles sin papeles sp-eng

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train vocab

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Train Voc. español

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Espanol II- Train Terms

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Espanol II Train Vocabulary C

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Espanol II Train Vocabulary B

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Espanol II Train Vocab A

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On Board Train

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Spanish Vocabulary (In a Train)

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Spanish (train Pt. 2)

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getting around a train station

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Espanol 3- Unidad 3-I'm here! Now what?-Profesora Bolanos

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Español 1-1

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Getting Around A Train Station

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Situaciones 5- El español práctico

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Español- NSE Level One Basic Expressions for Train Travel

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train vocab 2

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Train Vocab - List 2

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On Board The Train

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on board a train and other useful words and expressions

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Describing Activities At A Train Station

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Past Tense (Espanol)

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Buen Viaje 2 Capítulo 1 - Un viaje en tren

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Buen Viaje 2 Capítulo 1 - Un viaje en tren

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Les Transports

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En Tren- Capítula 3

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Vocab. Capítulo 14

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