Español practice

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Español Practice 2

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Español Practice

32 terms By mandyxchen

espanol practice

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Español Practice 2

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Español Practical Examen 1

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Español Practice

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Español practice 2A&B

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español practice

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Español Practice

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Espanol Practice

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Español Practice

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El espanol practice

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Preposociones "ESPAÑOL PRACTICE"

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espanol practice

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éí éspanol practice words

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Word got wrong 10/12 espanol practice

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Español 1: Adjectives to describe physical appearance

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Español 1: La ropa y los colores

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Español 1, Verb Mastery practice

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Español 2 Imperfect practice with present forms

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Español Uno: Practice Pronunciation

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Preterite tense practice. Year 8

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Cuándo (Span 2 sem 1 grammar practice)

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SLGr8 Reflexive Verbs Practice

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Practice with Telling time "La hora" en español

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Español I - Cap 2 Adjective Practice#1

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Stem-changing Verbs Practice

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Practice conjugating the verb SER

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Practice conjugating stem-changing verbs

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Frases útiles - Solamente en español

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Español 1- Verb Practice

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Saludos en español

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Los adjetivos del Español I

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Español Uno: Saludos/Despedidas/Presentaciones

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Practice with yo, tú, and él/ella forms

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Lección 4: Verb practice (-AR)

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Expresiones de cohesión/Español BI

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Practice with interrogatives (español)

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