6B Chores --- Present Tense

32 terms By abelcamacho Teacher

The Present tense of verbs with stem changes (with stem prompt)

18 terms By Magano-Beltran Teacher

Present Tense AR/ER/IR Regular Verbs Conjugation

55 terms By mrscrb Teacher

o -> ue present tense verbs

15 terms By senoritaduff Teacher

Verb - Boire - present tense

20 terms By mmecowley Teacher

Present Tense Affirmative Board Game

27 terms By Haukur Teacher

The Present Perfect

20 terms By kimberlyengel Teacher

Kap. 2,2 - Present Tense Verbs

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CCD-Spanish 3- Regular Present Tense verbs er/ ir

29 terms By magdareid Teacher

Present tense irregular verbs

76 terms By luperith Teacher

Tener Idiomatic Expressions-Present Tense

20 terms By ProfesoraHanson Teacher

Spanish Verb Conjugations--Present Tense, -AR, -ER, -IR

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Present Tense

35 terms By alidouglas27


6 terms By ProfeJones Teacher

CHS - SER present tense & pronouns

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186 terms By velalv Teacher

Present Tense -AR/ER/IR (Regular Verbs Conjugation)

55 terms By carolinaag Teacher

Expresate 1 Ch 4 Present tense verbs

81 terms By luperith Teacher

Present Tense AR, ER, IR Ending Verbs

27 terms By Sara_Englis Teacher

Present tense AR verbs

36 terms By amanda_palasky Teacher

ALL of the VERBS for 1.6 (The Present Tense)

89 terms By Hawkinator Teacher

French reflexive verb SE LAVER (present tense)

9 terms By rchsfrench Teacher

Practice with the present tense in Spanish

20 terms By Husky2006 Teacher

Present-Tense Conjugations of -are Verbs in Italian

6 terms By OxfordComma1019 Teacher

Spanish Present Tense KS3 verbs I part

40 terms By gcrowson Teacher

Present Tense Verbs- Spanish 1

84 terms By tcanisalez Teacher

Spanish 3 The Perfect Tenses: Haber and Past Participles

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Regular Present Tense Verb Conjugations

20 terms By ledgerly Teacher

irregular verbs in present tense

53 terms By mpalome Teacher

vouloir, pouvoir, devoir in present tense

27 terms By ccoudert Teacher

The Present Tense Spanish 3

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Present Tense: TĂș Form

20 terms By mewell75 Teacher

Present Tense: Yo Form

20 terms By mewell75 Teacher

Present Tense IR verbs

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Present Tense: Nosotros Form

20 terms By mewell75 Teacher

Present tense -er, -ir verbs (per. 4)

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Spanish 2 - Present Tense O/U>UE Stem-Changing Irregular Verbs (Conjugated)

36 terms By ashliekmiller Teacher

Present Tense Regular verbs

35 terms By PHSQuinn Teacher

Spanish 2 Set 8 Verbs Present Tense

48 terms By SrtaOSullivan Teacher

IR verbs present tense

17 terms By smww Teacher

Spanish - Present tense -ir verbs

14 terms By mrsdawes Teacher

ser - present tense

36 terms By ProfesoraTurner Teacher

German Grammar - easy verbs in the present tense

38 terms By RachelHibberd Teacher

Reflexive Conjugation Practice -Present tense

38 terms By laurabridgespereira Teacher

Irregular Verbs : Present Tense English-Turkish

44 terms By ChasHolmes Teacher

Present tense conjugation review

65 terms By sramatzen Teacher

Present tense of -er and -ir verbs

28 terms By MSCjr Teacher

ir verbs (present tense endings) KF

24 terms By redballoon Teacher

Present tense irregular - METTRE

9 terms By LHAGSFrench Teacher

Present tense irregular - POUVOIR

9 terms By LHAGSFrench Teacher