Present Tense verbs

20 terms By MsSchwiening Teacher

Common -IR Verbs - Present Tense

15 terms By Mirna_Deakle Teacher

Present Tense -AR/ER/IR Regular Verbs conjugation

55 terms By ProfeDell Teacher

Present tense -er, -ir verbs (per. 4)

44 terms By sragriffin Teacher

Spanish 1 Present Tense Conjugations Practice

79 terms By SenoritaGilbert Teacher

Spanish - Present tense -ar verbs

28 terms By mrsdawes Teacher

present-tense verbs o-ue & e-ie forms

15 terms By SraMeissnerHuerta Teacher

Present Tense Conjugations of "Avere"

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Present tense- regular

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6 terms By Oplimme

picture spanish 1 present tense

54 terms By mpalome Teacher

Present-Tense Conjugations of -are Verbs in Italian

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Irregular Verbs in the Present tense - French

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REV All of present tense

80 terms By sldreyer Teacher

Present Tense (er,ir verbs)

32 terms By spanishclassfull Teacher

Common -ER Verbs - Present Tense

11 terms By Mirna_Deakle Teacher

Present Tense Conjugations of "Essere"

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20-Spanish: Super Verb Present Tense ↓ - elkwv

32 terms By mrmartin-elkwv Teacher

Comer - present tense

12 terms By TMorgan-pertus Teacher

Present Tense AR/ER/IR Regular Verbs Conjugation

55 terms By mrscrb Teacher

French avoir & être present tense

18 terms By jcritchley Teacher

Present Tense -AR/ER/IR Regular Verbs conjugation

30 terms By Ms_Cutway Teacher

Irregular Verbs : Present Tense English-Turkish

44 terms By ChasHolmes Teacher

Avoir, être and aller- present tense

27 terms By Saintsmalawi Teacher

Regular (ar,er,ir) present tense verb conjugations

20 terms By Miriam_Hidalgo Teacher

The Present Tense of -ER & -IR Verbs: Definitions (1)

13 terms By Rocio_Chase Teacher

ESTAR present tense conjugations

5 terms By drjrodriguez Teacher

Spanish II present tense -go verb meanings

9 terms By Jeffersj247 Teacher

PRESENT TENSE stem-changing verbs

87 terms By cristinabarry Teacher

Present Tense Spelling-Change Verbs

18 terms By Hawkinator Teacher

Regular Verbs: Present Tense -AR/ER/IR

39 terms By pandapepe Teacher

Stem-Changing Verbs in The Present Tense: Meaning

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91 terms By j_quinlan Teacher

Present Tense Regular Verb Infinitives

33 terms By Hawkinator Teacher

Present-Tense Yo Forms

24 terms By SraMeissnerHuerta Teacher

German Grammar - easy verbs in the present tense

38 terms By RachelHibberd Teacher

Spanish Present tense endings

24 terms By Mrs_Morgan14 Teacher

Yo irregulars in the present tense

30 terms By luperith Teacher

Jobs and present tense spanish 3

79 terms By Stephanie_M75

Need/Want/Have Present-Tense Spanish Conjugations

33 terms By mrskirksey Teacher