Vocabulario 4, español 2 Regular Verbs ending in AR

30 terms By ShawRains Teacher

Spanish -AR verb endings in the present tense

5 terms By jlewisespanol Teacher

-ar verb endings

10 terms By XCSSpanish Teacher

Grammar -tense verb endings

12 terms By PHSpanishstar Teacher

AR Verb Endings

10 terms By SraBuning Teacher

Repaso Chapter 3: Stem-changing boot verbs ending in -ar and -er

47 terms By actuohy Teacher

Vocabulary 4 / Verbs ending in: -ar

10 terms By Mrs_Rapalo Teacher

AR verbs (endings)

12 terms By pnoboawilson Teacher

GIMS Level 2 Spanish: Verbs+endings

60 terms By angims

-ar verb endings

12 terms By Fitz-P Teacher

LP: Preterite (Completed Past) of Verbs Ending in -car -gar -zar and Verbs like leer, creer, caer, e…

72 terms By kfwicker

TM Spanish - Preterite AR Verbs Endings, ER/IR Verb endings (they are the same) and Irregular Ser, T…

39 terms By tmauremootoo Teacher


25 terms By Viviana_Hillmann Teacher

Cap. 3 Regular -AR verb ENDINGS

12 terms By srasearls Teacher

Conjugation: AR verb endings

10 terms By roblewis1979 Teacher

Er-AR verb endings

50 terms By Guatemalamalacatan Teacher

-AR Regular Verb Endings

6 terms By kreandea Teacher

AR (verb endings) en el pretérito

10 terms By pnoboawilson Teacher

Unit 2 - AR verb endings and some verb practice

20 terms By cshirkey Teacher

Regular Preterite Verb Endings w/gar,car,zar

51 terms By annbaltrum Teacher

PRETERITE TENSE > REGULAR -AR VERBS (endings) espanolextra

27 terms By espanolextra Teacher

Verbs ending in AR

23 terms By sraMoreland Teacher

Regular AR/ER/IR preterite verb endings

39 terms By MaestraWebb Teacher

French regular verb endings mix

45 terms By jcritchley Teacher

Spanish - Present tense of Verbs ending with -ar

38 terms By mpalome Teacher

Preterite of "-ar" verb endings

6 terms By mclonan Teacher

"-Ar" Verb Endings

6 terms By sbarish Teacher


38 terms By stellanorfleet Teacher

-ar verb endings

15 terms By Cotyp Teacher

AR Regular verb endings

6 terms By Mr_Rodic Teacher

-ar verb endings

9 terms By mrsknox5 Teacher

Grammar Regular Preterit Verb Endings

20 terms By KRONOS704

-ar verb endings

12 terms By Erin_Ray14 Teacher

Regular present tense verb endings AR / ER / IR

18 terms By PepeElToro

Imperfect -ar Verb Endings

12 terms By mclonan Teacher

ar-verbs ending practice 2 KF

15 terms By redballoon Teacher

AR verb endings

5 terms By tristan_bodle Teacher

Spanish -ar verb endings

10 terms By TheLanguageProfessor Teacher

Esp. 1 1.1 AR verb endings/definitions

24 terms By senoraspann

-AR verb endings basics

10 terms By Samantha_Finneseth Teacher

Regular AR Verb Ends

10 terms By profehernandez Teacher

-AR verbs endings

15 terms By Jessica_Tapia Teacher

Verb endings - -Ar Verbs / -Er Verbs / -Ir Verbs

67 terms By senordowd Teacher

-AR Verb Endings (Present tense)

12 terms By imolander Teacher

Español Verbs ending in -ar

18 terms By grace_pfohl

Regular AR verb endings

8 terms By MissKeenaghan Teacher

Pronouns and AR Verb Endings

6 terms By kimiblanton Teacher

AR Verb Endings

5 terms By dreffsm Teacher

Sims Spanish I En Espanol semester test review(AR verb endings,meanigs. and subjects)

10 terms By carolannz Teacher

Verb Endings

26 terms By cgourlay Teacher