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espanol verbs endings spanish ar

-AR verb endings present tense indicative

6 terms By Jo- Teacher

AR Verb Endings

10 terms By Spanish-Walker Teacher

Spanish verbs ending in -ar

60 terms By mburgard


51 terms By D2Fish

Regular Preterite Verb Endings w/gar,car,zar

53 terms By pagenp Teacher

spanish -ar verbs 4

32 terms By affablyevil97

The verb ending AR

6 terms By bluetastick

Spanish, Preterite -ar verb endings (excl. vosotros form), Brewton-Parker College

5 terms By misdrrandy

Regular present tense verb endings AR / ER / IR

18 terms By PepeElToro

-ar verb endings

21 terms By Shannon_MillerEP

Spanish Verbs Ending in - AR

50 terms By calidris

Spanish AR-ending verbs

53 terms By ellenhornzoe

Spanish AR Verbs

25 terms By kendaves Teacher

Spanish verbs ending in -ar

44 terms By sawahgrace

AR verbs endings

6 terms By MIBOU Teacher

AR Verb Endings

6 terms By rhinkley Teacher

Spanish 1: Verbs Ending in -ar

36 terms By hmc713

Spanish -ar Verb Infinitives, Definitions and -ar Verb Conjugation

20 terms By kmcnamara40 Teacher

Regular -ar verbs (inc. -ar & -er verb endings)

20 terms By srabarrera Teacher

-AR, -ER, -IR Verb Endings

13 terms By leahbauer

Spanish chapter 4 verbs ending in AR

16 terms By clayton_speltz

Lssn 3 more verbs ending in -ar

5 terms By rjblais Teacher

spanish -ar ending verbs

28 terms By sydneybates

Spanish Verbs ending in ar

28 terms By SRay19

Spanish AR verb set

60 terms By xNationalChampx

"ar" verbs endings

11 terms By y2014esp7

Spanish verb endings (Present)

15 terms By Tara-Payne

Spanish AR Verbs

25 terms By Forrest_Chapman

AR Verb Endings for imperfect tense

10 terms By mcranley Teacher

U2L1_Avancemos 1_AR Verb Endings

6 terms By SraSepulveda Teacher

Sims Spanish verb endings

12 terms By carolannz Teacher

Realidades 1 - Chapter 2A: Present Tense -AR Verb Endings

6 terms By SrtaLarson Teacher

2B Regular ar verb endings and pronouns

12 terms By hfranco Teacher

Present tense -ar verb endings

27 terms By spanteach1

Vocabulary: verb ending in AR

30 terms By sophi_jones

verbs ending in -ar

37 terms By kenzie_5683

-AR Verb Endings

6 terms By SenoritaGray

AR regular present tense verbs endings

6 terms By smellander Teacher

AMSCO stem-changing verbs ending in er or ar and spelling changing verbs

65 terms By nothing55555

Spanish "-AR" Ending Verbs Conjugations

6 terms By Viviana_Hillmann Teacher

Ar, Er, Ir verb endings

54 terms By MarieCo

ar verbs endings

6 terms By MIBOU Teacher

Spanish Verbs ending in AR

36 terms By madiella

Spanish: -AR verbs

19 terms By watercream1

Spanish Verbs ending in -ar

32 terms By JGuillory

AR Verb ending (preterite tense)

6 terms By lgleason Teacher

Spanish - Preterite Tense Verb Endings

12 terms By tatwater

Spanish Regular Verb Endings

18 terms By BigBadVoldy

Some Regular Verbs Ending in -AR

58 terms By LaurenPayne Teacher

Regular Preterite Verb Endings

55 terms By hackenburgk Teacher
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