Spanish Vocabulary for Describing Clothes

By Aidan_Armstrong5
47 terms by Aidan_Armstrong5

Spanish Vocabulary for Describing Clothes

By Josiesawyer
47 terms by Josiesawyer

Describing Clothes Spanish Vocabulary

By km2298
28 terms by km2298

Spanish Vocabulary - Describe Clothing

By npk2002
10 terms by npk2002

Spanish Vocabulary on Describing Clothing

By Glowgirl723
27 terms by Glowgirl723

Describing clothes English-Spanish

By juliana_carter
31 terms by juliana_carter

Spanish Vocabulary (La Ropa and Describing Clothing)

By mayhuynh
49 terms by mayhuynh

Spanish vocabulary #1 (describe clothing )

By wilson_joi
16 terms by wilson_joi

Spanish Vocabularies (Describe Clothing, Colors)

By Kiki_Chen
24 terms by Kiki_Chen

Year 8 Spanish vocabulary: Describing clothes

15 terms by HallamCoLATEACHER

Spanish 2- To Describe Clothing

By lalahey89
32 terms by lalahey89

Describing Clothing Vocab (Spanish)

By S200319837
25 terms by S200319837

Spanish Unit: 3 Vocabulary "Discribing The Class"

By Asia_Wiley
21 terms by Asia_Wiley

Spanish II Describing Clothing

By mike12233
11 terms by mike12233

Spanish: describing clothes

By MHodgkinson14
10 terms by MHodgkinson14

Spanish 2: Describing the clothes

By amip521
26 terms by amip521

Describing Clothes in Spanish

By marsteinTEACHER
20 terms by marsteinTEACHER

Photo Vocabulary: Describing Clothes

By Joanna_KoumbarelisTEACHER
22 terms by Joanna_KoumbarelisTEACHER

Describing clothes further - Spanish

By lesaroo332
10 terms by lesaroo332

Spanish Describing Clothing and Colors

By Charlottenyc
26 terms by Charlottenyc

Spanish - Describing words for clothes

By elliemooney
31 terms by elliemooney

Describing Clothing ( Spanish )

By Ariana_Padron
16 terms by Ariana_Padron

Spanish: Describing Clothes

By claire_dillon5
23 terms by claire_dillon5

spanish describing clothing

By alixplatt
30 terms by alixplatt

Describing clothes Spanish

By garofalojessica
55 terms by garofalojessica

Spanish describing others, clothing

By FunnyP12
67 terms by FunnyP12

Spanish - Describing Words For Clothes

By currana22
10 terms by currana22

Spanish - describing clothing

By Hetty_Symes
12 terms by Hetty_Symes

Spanish: Describe Clothing

By angelayan_
30 terms by angelayan_

Spanish 2: Describing Clothing

By carolinebumc1997
26 terms by carolinebumc1997

Spanish describing clothing

By Private_Caboose
16 terms by Private_Caboose

Spanish describing clothes

By LucyS1
21 terms by LucyS1

Spanish Describing Clothes

By SZach
14 terms by SZach

Spanish 1: Describing Clothes

By kris10wedegis
18 terms by kris10wedegis

Spanish - describing clothing

By fernandeskempk
30 terms by fernandeskempk

Spanish: Describing Others: Clothing

By SydStone8
34 terms by SydStone8

Spanish: Describing Clothing

By SophiaAnneDC
19 terms by SophiaAnneDC

Describing clothes (Spanish)

By Maya987654321
17 terms by Maya987654321

Spanish describing clothes

By marywright
16 terms by marywright

Spanish Describing Clothes

By maddyporter4639
45 terms by maddyporter4639

Describing clothes - Spanish

By sophgudg
23 terms by sophgudg

spanish describing clothing

By jordan3619
9 terms by jordan3619

Spanish(Describing Clothing)

By Julia1269
21 terms by Julia1269

Spanish 2: Describing the clothes

By rett1234
51 terms by rett1234

Describe Clothing in Spanish

By Mateus_Edwards
16 terms by Mateus_Edwards

Describing clothing in Spanish

By DannyGriffith
13 terms by DannyGriffith

Spanish Describing Clothing

By Ryan_Lawson22
35 terms by Ryan_Lawson22

Spanish- describing clothing

By Treyce_93
13 terms by Treyce_93

Describing spanish clothes 1

By love_muffins_x
11 terms by love_muffins_x