aller avoir etre

By bartonc
16 terms by bartonc

avoir, etre, aller, faire

46 terms by MmeMakinTEACHER

Etre, avoir, faire , aller

By BVandersticheleTEACHER
32 terms by BVandersticheleTEACHER

être faire aller avoir

By kirstentaskerTEACHER
20 terms by kirstentaskerTEACHER


By connorgraver
18 terms by connorgraver


By georgiagggiggles123
24 terms by georgiagggiggles123

etre, aller, avoir, venir

By dvinsonTEACHER
28 terms by dvinsonTEACHER


By Grant_Fournier
24 terms by Grant_Fournier

Etre, Avoir, Aller, Faire

By MsMas
24 terms by MsMas


By Sol_cb
21 terms by Sol_cb

Etre, avoir, faire , aller

By kirstentaskerTEACHER
41 terms by kirstentaskerTEACHER

Etre, avoir, faire , aller

By slauretTEACHER
32 terms by slauretTEACHER


By Madame_Truitt
36 terms by Madame_Truitt

Avoir, Etre, Faire, Aller

By Kim_Miller17
24 terms by Kim_Miller17

Avoir, Etre, Aller Conjugations

By sean_burdette
25 terms by sean_burdette

Avoir, Etre, Aller

By mollykaitlyn
22 terms by mollykaitlyn

Etre, avoir, faire , aller

By MadameDanella
32 terms by MadameDanella


By Melanie_Blair7TEACHER
41 terms by Melanie_Blair7TEACHER

Etre, avoir, faire , aller

By alisonjphillipsTEACHER
32 terms by alisonjphillipsTEACHER

Etre, avoir, faire , aller

By alisonjphillipsTEACHER
32 terms by alisonjphillipsTEACHER

Aller, avoir, etre, faire

By Suzan_WilliamsTEACHER
175 terms by Suzan_WilliamsTEACHER

Etre, avoir , aller uses

By karinalise
30 terms by karinalise

Etre, avoir , aller conjugation

By karinalise
28 terms by karinalise

etre avoir aller faire

By jfederov
37 terms by jfederov

Aller Etre Avoir

By rusheymeadmflTEACHER
24 terms by rusheymeadmflTEACHER

Etre/Avoir/Aller Expressions

By jroyall25TEACHER
36 terms by jroyall25TEACHER

être faire aller avoir

By Audrey_Irias
20 terms by Audrey_Irias

avoir, aller, etre, faire

By ostr7818
42 terms by ostr7818

Avoir, Etre, et Aller

By MadameBoyd
51 terms by MadameBoyd

être avoir aller

By actuohyTEACHER
50 terms by actuohyTEACHER

Etre, Faire, Aller, Avoir

By cpower88TEACHER
27 terms by cpower88TEACHER


By awelchwheatmore
27 terms by awelchwheatmore

avoir être and aller

By mrsdawesTEACHER
24 terms by mrsdawesTEACHER

être avoir aller PRACTICE

By MmePerini
56 terms by MmePerini

Etre, Avoir, Faire, Aller

By frenchieteach
32 terms by frenchieteach

faire, avoir, aller, etre

By madamecassard
17 terms by madamecassard

Aller, Avoir , Etre

By StevenFrenchTEACHER
25 terms by StevenFrenchTEACHER

Avoir, Etre, Aller

By MMartinBJPS
27 terms by MMartinBJPS

avoir, etre, aller

By HerrMickler
39 terms by HerrMickler

avoir, aller, faire, etre

By susanmccallum3975TEACHER
35 terms by susanmccallum3975TEACHER

avoir, faire, aller, etre

By MSawodzinski
25 terms by MSawodzinski

Etre, avoir, faire , aller

By amebarkiTEACHER
41 terms by amebarkiTEACHER

Conjugate aller, avoir, and etre

By bacopp
18 terms by bacopp

Prendre, Aller, Avoir and Etre

By joneska
32 terms by joneska

Aller, Avoir, Faire and Etre

By mrverneyTEACHER
16 terms by mrverneyTEACHER

avoir, etre, aller, faire

By grinders
46 terms by grinders

etre, avoir, aller, faire

By susanbondy
28 terms by susanbondy

Etre, Avoir, Aller, Faire

By alexox101
24 terms by alexox101

avoir, etre, aller, faire

By traceemcdonaldTEACHER
46 terms by traceemcdonaldTEACHER


By MadameVernon
24 terms by MadameVernon