Etre participles

By thomasdriscoll
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etre participle

By Classy8anana
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Etre past participles

By Darc_Ebert
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Past participles with être

By sherbruce
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Past participles - être

By Bembree
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Etre Verbs - Past Participles

By MadameDubs
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past participles with etre

12 terms by MsSBaileyTEACHER

être Verb past participles

By ellenellzey
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ETRE verb past participles

By Laura_HouletteTEACHER
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être verbs past participles

By madamebarczak
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être verbs past participles

17 terms by MlleSpiroMHSTEACHER

être verbs' past participles

By groovybertTEACHER
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Past participles of être verbs

By Laura_HouletteTEACHER
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Past participles of être verbs

By GwennBlouinTEACHER
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French Past Participles ETre

By brynni7
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Past Participles Etre

By Hattea
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Past Participles ETRE

By obillis1331
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Past Participles with Etre

By bazinga2
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Etre verbs past participles

By tbelknap00
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Past Participles Using Etre

By catherinebennion
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past participles w/ etre

By ttt44
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Past Participles with Etre

By cbohrer2016
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Past Participles Avec Etre

By HarryWurmcoil
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Etre Past Participles

By Katie_E
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Past participles with être

By Alissa_Nicole
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être past participles

By PurpleDragonUnicorn
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Etre with past participles

By Abart19
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Past Participles avec etre

By ckazarov
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Etre past participles

By kyleedmondson7
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By madelyn7700
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être past participles

By adansyoungblood
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Past participles- ETRE

By ryanc20
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Etre past participles

By emazz123
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Etre Past Participles

By jesszych
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Past Participles of etre

By frenchchemist
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Past participles with Etre

By alexis-danyelle
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Etre past participles

By madi_dimercurio
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Etre Past Participles

By kmat1234
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Past participles with être

By Barrett_Parks
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être past participles

By Carolinadams
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Etre verbs, past participles

By Samantha_Bussler
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Past Participles: Etre

By itsjust_sophie
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Etre past participles

By tharwell
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By tharushilol
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Etre Pass Participles

By koritaylor
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past participles with être

By roacery17
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Irregular Past Participles- Etre

By megw626
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French étre past participles

By Caco44
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past participles with etre

By becca_nash
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Irregular past participles être

By Georgiakennard
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