Er Verbs French

36 terms By jqanddq Teacher

French er verbs

20 terms By smblewis Teacher

MYP 2 - ER Verbs (Definitions)

38 terms By mmeito Teacher

marlbmfl KS3 French Year 8 Module 1 Set 2 -er verbs, family, jobs (Vert)

40 terms By marlbmfl Teacher

FR1B Unité 2 - ER Verbs

45 terms By hmuck Teacher

MYP 2 - ER Verbs (Conjugations)

24 terms By mmeito Teacher

French 2 - Er verbs

36 terms By nicodelaney Teacher

"er" verbs

47 terms By dalezig Teacher

Bien DIT 1 ch 2 ER verb conjugation

18 terms By sruel Teacher

Regular -ER verbs

90 terms By hymersmfl Teacher

Spanish 2 - Present Tense Regular -ER Verbs

17 terms By ashliekmiller Teacher

Regular -er verbs

8 terms By madameregan Teacher

French present tense -er verb practice

22 terms By kgrosso Teacher

Grade 10 ER verbs

34 terms By Michele_Mocellin Teacher

-ER Verbs (Daily Life Unit)

13 terms By penelopemiller Teacher

French I -er verbs

48 terms By CSHathaway Teacher

Leçon 5A 18 -ER Verbs with IMAGES (Pages 74 & 75)

18 terms By ksevert02 Teacher

French 2: -ER verbs

34 terms By Madame_h

Final Unit 2 -er verbs

6 terms By chrroche Teacher

Spanish 4 Dummies Ch 2 ER-Verbs

18 terms By tedchiang

Grade 9 -er verbs

33 terms By Michele_Mocellin Teacher

ER Verbs

15 terms By leprofnc Teacher

Er verbs

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#14 -ER verbs

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-ER verbs

22 terms By PeterIII Teacher

French ER verbs

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French 2 - er verbs

36 terms By onpointe1

French -er Verbs to Know

40 terms By spcaldwell Teacher

D'accord 1 Unite 2 Infinitives ER Verbs

20 terms By rachelhbaker Teacher

-er Verbs (Fr. 1)

25 terms By MonsieurBattey Teacher

Drabant MHS French 1 Unit 2 -er verbs

22 terms By drabantjanet Teacher

er verbs

16 terms By senora_hanson Teacher

French 2 -er verbs

41 terms By DaniellexMccall

FR1A Unité 6 - ER Verbs

25 terms By hmuck Teacher

Regular -ER Verbs/ Mme Lott

56 terms By lottk Teacher

Chapter 2 - Part 2 - ER Verbs

14 terms By lcruz221

french 2 er verbs(A-V)

151 terms By nazgirly13

Common -ER Verbs

45 terms By tbonnar Teacher

VHL L2 -ER Verbs

20 terms By Sandvick Teacher

HMS D'Accord: Leçon 2A -ER verbs

40 terms By cford1328 Teacher

French 8 Lesson 18-1-2 -er verbs (images)

27 terms By cousinsm Teacher

Sp.1 y 2: -ER Verbs (present tense)

13 terms By Miranda_Jennings Teacher

Drabant MHS French 1 Unit 2 -er verb conjugations

25 terms By drabantjanet Teacher

Les Infinitifs - ER Verbs

15 terms By donnadimmick Teacher

Bien Dit 2-Stem Changing -ER verbs

50 terms By mcharchar Teacher

-er verbs

10 terms By crparnell Teacher

-er verbs

48 terms By Madamekociscin Teacher

-er verbs

40 terms By Karleen_Brown Teacher

2.3 Vocabulario -er verbs

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Use "ER' verbs

40 terms By Lynn_Robinson4 Teacher