French 2 Time Expressions

By GardenovTEACHER
22 terms by GardenovTEACHER

French 2 Avoir Expressions

By KowalLauraTEACHER
46 terms by KowalLauraTEACHER

French 2 Verb Expressions

By MadameHilson
27 terms by MadameHilson

French 2 Unit 5 Les Expressions

By Mmemedina
12 terms by Mmemedina

Faire expressions - French 2

By kdresnok
16 terms by kdresnok

French 2. "Weather" expressions

By maryanafalk
29 terms by maryanafalk

French 2/ Expressions of Frequency

By Jared_Briscoe
16 terms by Jared_Briscoe

French 2: Expressions with avoir

By kathleenpepin
13 terms by kathleenpepin

French 2--Faire Expressions

By MadameMurray
14 terms by MadameMurray

French 2--Avoir Expressions

By MadameMurray
18 terms by MadameMurray

French Opening Expressions 2

By Mayfield49TEACHER
11 terms by Mayfield49TEACHER

French 2 Faire Expressions

By Stekla
17 terms by Stekla

French 2- Avoir Expressions

By athorntonpv
16 terms by athorntonpv

French Express Unit 2

By dll_programTEACHER
20 terms by dll_programTEACHER

French 2 Expressions

By jackgpie
14 terms by jackgpie

French 2 Expressions

By mmorgan54
33 terms by mmorgan54

French 2.16 Expressions impersonnelles

By David_Wood7TEACHER
9 terms by David_Wood7TEACHER

expressions idiomatiques French A2

By isabelle_fiori
26 terms by isabelle_fiori

French 2 Expressions de Grammaire

By agfern
17 terms by agfern

French 2 Expressions

By Kyghause
36 terms by Kyghause

French 2: Avoir Expressions

By Jazzy_A7
10 terms by Jazzy_A7

Common French Expressions #2

By Audrey__Alvarez
21 terms by Audrey__Alvarez



French expressions 2.2

By Tanti_15th
17 terms by Tanti_15th

Idomatic expressions French 2

By rubybigbee
8 terms by rubybigbee

French 2 Avoir Expressions

By seri9417
8 terms by seri9417


By EvaDanielson
21 terms by EvaDanielson

Discovering French BLANC Lecon 2: ETRE Expressions

By MadameFisherTEACHER
28 terms by MadameFisherTEACHER

French weather expressions (French Calendar B.2)

By mme_brownTEACHER
24 terms by mme_brownTEACHER

French 2: Avoir Expressions

By SarahReynolds0
13 terms by SarahReynolds0

French 2 Unit 3 Faire expressions

By mclermontTEACHER
11 terms by mclermontTEACHER

French 2 Avoir Expressions

By manna_k
24 terms by manna_k

French 2 Class Expressions

By thrifteen
37 terms by thrifteen

French 2 - negative expressions

By heybiddle
9 terms by heybiddle

General expressions French 2

By joshitha_kongari
21 terms by joshitha_kongari

French 2 Faire Expressions

By manna_k
24 terms by manna_k

French expressions #2

By livbby1
8 terms by livbby1

French idiom expressions 2

By jessos28
20 terms by jessos28

3.5 Writing Function Rules

By french
10 terms by french

French 2.1 expressions

By jensemck002
8 terms by jensemck002

French 2 ( etre expressions)

By Jazzy_A7
27 terms by Jazzy_A7

French 2 Unit 3 Avoir Expressions

By mclermontTEACHER
14 terms by mclermontTEACHER

French 2: Useful Expressions

By starbucksgirl2243
31 terms by starbucksgirl2243

French Expressions 2

By alixkramer
40 terms by alixkramer

French Expressions 2

By lenaswirczek
13 terms by lenaswirczek

French - Common Expressions #2

By Kira_wiggins
36 terms by Kira_wiggins

French A2 Expressions

By meganecrane
58 terms by meganecrane

French expressions

By hmh3s
45 terms by hmh3s

French 2 Avoir Expressions Vocab

By fayekoss
18 terms by fayekoss

French 2 Expressions

By mmcclanahan
99 terms by mmcclanahan