By Audrey_HarlanTEACHER
25 terms by Audrey_HarlanTEACHER

EFL-Elements of Narrative Writing

By Emmbath
52 terms by Emmbath

Fiction Terms

By Brandonghs
44 terms by Brandonghs

Non-Fiction Text Features

By Sandra-J_GonzalesTEACHER
23 terms by Sandra-J_GonzalesTEACHER

fiction terms

By fantasticjlstewart
15 terms by fantasticjlstewart

Non fiction language techniques

By ellysa_mulcahy
15 terms by ellysa_mulcahy

English - Non Fiction Terms

By mcdonaldwcTEACHER
14 terms by mcdonaldwcTEACHER

ESL Non-fiction Text Features - Terms, Definitions, and Images

By jfsimmons1TEACHER
16 terms by jfsimmons1TEACHER

Language Arts Terms

By Sam_Elfstone
10 terms by Sam_Elfstone

Klett Orange Line 3 Erweiterungskurs Unit 1 Facts and fiction

By Michael_Krueck
32 terms by Michael_Krueck

Inferences/Visualizing/Historical fiction

By junielsenTEACHER
12 terms by junielsenTEACHER

Klett Orange Line 4 Erweiterungskurs Unit 2 Facts and fiction

By Michael_Krueck
53 terms by Michael_Krueck


By Elizabeth293
11 terms by Elizabeth293

Language Arts skills

By maxbwell
31 terms by maxbwell

Non- Fiction and Fiction

By Meaghan_Gosh
14 terms by Meaghan_Gosh

Julie Language Arts

By lhubbard22
10 terms by lhubbard22

Elements of Fiction Vocabulary

By KylaCorelli
10 terms by KylaCorelli

Literary Terms for 6th Grade Language Arts

By crisangle
36 terms by crisangle

Literary Genres - Fiction

By sdlee923
10 terms by sdlee923

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories

50 terms by MANNSTMA

Language Arts Vocabulary #1

By chwolfe2
10 terms by chwolfe2

language arts

By sr013161
29 terms by sr013161

Language Arts Terms

By jfederocko
61 terms by jfederocko

Language Arts Vocabulary

By Gayla_Trusty
31 terms by Gayla_Trusty

Language Arts Terms

By Tiffany_LoSasso
61 terms by Tiffany_LoSasso

Lesson 6 Lang. & Comp. Terms

By Michelle_Fetveit
20 terms by Michelle_Fetveit

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Chapter 1

By sandymillin
30 terms by sandymillin

Non Fiction Vocabulary Words

By rebeccahedrick
23 terms by rebeccahedrick

Part 2: Non-fiction Text Structure

By sneenkl
11 terms by sneenkl

Language ISTEP D-O Vocab

By MrsKLee
53 terms by MrsKLee

6th Grade Language Arts Vocabulary

By gnadarajTEACHER
20 terms by gnadarajTEACHER


By Sheila_Parrish
14 terms by Sheila_Parrish

7th Grade Language Arts Review


English Language Arts terms/Megan

By Frances_Mcadams
20 terms by Frances_Mcadams


By junehorup
30 terms by junehorup

Pocahontas - Facts and Fiction

By lukacsemese
38 terms by lukacsemese

Language Arts- Fiction Genres

By hmthompson19
20 terms by hmthompson19

Combo with "Figurative Language" and "Genre"

By johnsonlaceyr2015
48 terms by johnsonlaceyr2015

Literary Terms for 6th Grade Language Arts

By awesomeAngie1972
26 terms by awesomeAngie1972

Reasoning Through the Language Arts Unit 1 (part 2)

By Alison_Wahlen
22 terms by Alison_Wahlen

Literary Terms for 6th Grade Language Arts

By dunawayt
36 terms by dunawayt

Language ISTEP D-O Vocab

By metzingerd
53 terms by metzingerd

Literary Terms for 6th Grade Language Arts

By Asun_Escribano
36 terms by Asun_Escribano

Types of Genre

By cummingslori
18 terms by cummingslori

Reading Genres

By Paula_Kinsey
12 terms by Paula_Kinsey