By successschoolTEACHER
79 terms by successschoolTEACHER

FCE Unit 8 Vocab

By MikeBridge
32 terms by MikeBridge

FCE collocations for

By George110765TEACHER
11 terms by George110765TEACHER

FCE Ch.2 Vocabulary

By Kit_Sedgwick
18 terms by Kit_Sedgwick

FCE Unit 7 Vocab

By sheemish
61 terms by sheemish

FCE Vocab Unit 14

By sheemish
46 terms by sheemish

FCE Ch.3 Vocabulary

By Kit_Sedgwick
20 terms by Kit_Sedgwick

FCE Vocab Unit 9

By sheemish
73 terms by sheemish

FCE Ch.4 Vocabulary

By Kit_Sedgwick
19 terms by Kit_Sedgwick

FCE Ch.1 Vocabulary

By Kit_Sedgwick
16 terms by Kit_Sedgwick

FCE Unit 5 Vocab

By sheemish
47 terms by sheemish

FCE Vocab Unit 10

By sheemish
75 terms by sheemish

fce prepositions

By anjaigi
64 terms by anjaigi


By CovicTatjana
126 terms by CovicTatjana

FCE - prepositions

By caroleen
32 terms by caroleen

FCE: adverbs

By caroleen
21 terms by caroleen

FCE - Education

By dcprobstTEACHER
38 terms by dcprobstTEACHER

ESL Vocabulary FCE: Wordlist FCE (Cambridge)

By ilopezcastellanosTEACHER
737 terms by ilopezcastellanosTEACHER


By mkharlova
46 terms by mkharlova

FCE: personality

By caroleen
67 terms by caroleen

FCE Unit 1 - 3

By norouz
97 terms by norouz

Objective FCE Unit10

By marina_drakunovaTEACHER
25 terms by marina_drakunovaTEACHER

ESL Vocabulary FCE: Wordlist FCE (Cambridge)

By roberta_rohen
737 terms by roberta_rohen

1. FCE

By Joanna_Gorka
60 terms by Joanna_Gorka

FCE: prefixes

By caroleen
72 terms by caroleen

Collocations FCE

By Marina_Jubien
15 terms by Marina_Jubien


By lsfalcoff
12 terms by lsfalcoff

Crime and Punishment (FCE)

By sandymillin
44 terms by sandymillin

FCE transformations

By fosterp3
20 terms by fosterp3


By mkharlova
60 terms by mkharlova


12 terms by Educo11TEACHER

FCE Intermediate

By davidmsc18
19 terms by davidmsc18

FCE Jobs

By hannah227342
32 terms by hannah227342

Prepositions for FCE

By englishonlinepro
9 terms by englishonlinepro

FCE nouns

By atimbscanet
15 terms by atimbscanet


By mkharlova
43 terms by mkharlova

Phrasal verbs - FCE

By AlexandraSaz
60 terms by AlexandraSaz

FCE - Health

By bentheonenonly
23 terms by bentheonenonly

FCE Food

By aleksandra_trzcinska
89 terms by aleksandra_trzcinska


By joanna_kowalczyk
35 terms by joanna_kowalczyk

FCE Cristina

By BarcelonaAlanTEACHER
35 terms by BarcelonaAlanTEACHER

FCE - Happiness

By bentheonenonly
25 terms by bentheonenonly

Laura FCE

By BarcelonaAlanTEACHER
19 terms by BarcelonaAlanTEACHER

FCE compact unit 5

By martafdezengTEACHER
53 terms by martafdezengTEACHER

FCE Ch. 6 Vocabulary

By Kit_Sedgwick
19 terms by Kit_Sedgwick

FCE Ch. 7 Vocabulary

By Kit_Sedgwick
18 terms by Kit_Sedgwick

FCE vince unit 5

By m_majchrzak
90 terms by m_majchrzak

FCE expressions

By martafdezengTEACHER
24 terms by martafdezengTEACHER

FCE vocabulary - Actions

By iposztosTEACHER
62 terms by iposztosTEACHER

FCE Gerunds & Infinitives

By pablo_m__crovetto
59 terms by pablo_m__crovetto