By danimalls
24 terms by danimalls

'weak' or 'feeble'

By Gregor_Neumann
12 terms by Gregor_Neumann

ISEE Vocab. Feeble - Fluctuate

By Kathryn_Edmiston
11 terms by Kathryn_Edmiston

Shope11 Feeble

By Jack_Rosoff
15 terms by Jack_Rosoff

Week 9, WOTD, feeble-loaf

By Bkempker
12 terms by Bkempker

ccc Feeble Fido:Scientists Dig News Article

By Dean_BerryTEACHER
10 terms by Dean_BerryTEACHER

A Feeble and Hollow Attempt at Latin Literature

By AstenTea
19 terms by AstenTea

Shiloh Chapters 1-5

By Christy_Beck9
10 terms by Christy_Beck9


By filoromz
17 terms by filoromz

Wordly WiseLesson 7

By Vannessa_Riggio
8 terms by Vannessa_Riggio

4th grade set 1

By Mallory_Kupchella
25 terms by Mallory_Kupchella

Stone, Three Wishes

By Debra_Medrano
10 terms by Debra_Medrano

Spelling 6 Befiddled

By richchr93TEACHER
20 terms by richchr93TEACHER

Socks for Supper (Pictures)

By candicecervantes85
15 terms by candicecervantes85

Vocabulary week 12/7/15

By ganttdeb
10 terms by ganttdeb

The Enemy - Part II (pages 82,83,84)

By ShaniManor
15 terms by ShaniManor

Synonym Vocabulary 1

By lconvery
10 terms by lconvery

V3-Unit 1-2: Poor heatlh

By Diana_Tan23
9 terms by Diana_Tan23

Lord of the flies - Vocabulary, chapters 3, 4 and 5.

By ceciame
27 terms by ceciame

Vocabulary 11-20

By TheMrsNielson
10 terms by TheMrsNielson

UIL Spelling 4th grade 151-200

By mrscoachprine
50 terms by mrscoachprine


By glaffeyTEACHER
12 terms by glaffeyTEACHER

6th Grade LA words 71-80

10 terms by MrsZalnisTEACHER

Lesson 1, Synonyms, Week One

By abuckenham
10 terms by abuckenham


By Hillary_Crawford
10 terms by Hillary_Crawford

Unit 09

By igsZteacherTEACHER
21 terms by igsZteacherTEACHER

Social Studies

By exg
10 terms by exg

To KIll A Mockingbird - Vocab ch.10-15

By majesticesther
12 terms by majesticesther

SRA-Unit 3-Lesson 17-Vocabulary for Appearances

10 terms by d181TEACHER

G.Washington Vocab #1

By Erin_Dessert
9 terms by Erin_Dessert

Vocab List Two

By Phillip_Stoltz
16 terms by Phillip_Stoltz

Live English 4

By graceyao0818
42 terms by graceyao0818

Devin 3rd Grade Vocabulary

By annmercurio
13 terms by annmercurio

The Burglary

By Liselotte_Gj
40 terms by Liselotte_Gj

SSAT Vocab-9/29/2016

By BarbaraRossie
13 terms by BarbaraRossie

10/7 Jane Eyre chapter22

By hyojin_johanka_park
16 terms by hyojin_johanka_park

Vocabulary 11-20

By LitLeach84
10 terms by LitLeach84

Mythology Vocabulary Part III: Love Stories & Others

By mcarpenterdcc
15 terms by mcarpenterdcc

Frightful's Mountain Chapter 4 Vocabulary

By Kathryn_Sheehan3
10 terms by Kathryn_Sheehan3

spelling 2

By Dina_Parrotta
10 terms by Dina_Parrotta

Spelling 2-3 grade 141-170

30 terms by SMCSTigersTEACHER

Literature 2

By anastasia_otroshko
13 terms by anastasia_otroshko

Vocabulary Unit #1

By vpietronico
10 terms by vpietronico

Unit 7: Have Compassion

By partlow5
10 terms by partlow5

Chihaya 240 WORDS Unit 1

By chip24
10 terms by chip24

Dystopia List 1

By laurenwcrowley
15 terms by laurenwcrowley

George Washington's Socks Chapter 1-9 Vocabulary

By yscott
10 terms by yscott

Spelling 2-3 grade 151-180

30 terms by SMCSTigersTEACHER

RM5 L:12-13

By mstatz98
15 terms by mstatz98


By wind9887
20 terms by wind9887