By danimalls
24 terms by danimalls

'weak' or 'feeble'

By Gregor_Neumann
12 terms by Gregor_Neumann

ISEE Vocab. Feeble - Fluctuate

By Kathryn_Edmiston
11 terms by Kathryn_Edmiston

Shope11 Feeble

By Jack_Rosoff
15 terms by Jack_Rosoff

ccc Feeble Fido:Scientists Dig News Article

By Dean_BerryTEACHER
10 terms by Dean_BerryTEACHER

A Feeble and Hollow Attempt at Latin Literature

By AstenTea
19 terms by AstenTea


By filoromz
17 terms by filoromz

Shiloh Chapters 1-5

By Christy_Beck9
10 terms by Christy_Beck9

Wordly WiseLesson 7

By Vannessa_Riggio
8 terms by Vannessa_Riggio

Socks for Supper (Pictures)

By candicecervantes85
15 terms by candicecervantes85

UIL Spelling 4th grade 151-200

By mrscoachprine
50 terms by mrscoachprine

Vocabulary week 12/7/15

By ganttdeb
10 terms by ganttdeb

The Enemy - Part II (pages 82,83,84)

By ShaniManor
15 terms by ShaniManor

Chihaya 240 WORDS Unit 1

By chip24
10 terms by chip24

Synonym Vocabulary 1

By lconvery
10 terms by lconvery

V3-Unit 1-2: Poor heatlh

By Diana_Tan23
9 terms by Diana_Tan23

Lord of the flies - Vocabulary, chapters 3, 4 and 5.

By ceciame
27 terms by ceciame

McDevitt synonyms 6

By mcdevitt21
40 terms by mcdevitt21

Lesson 1, Synonyms, Week One

By abuckenham
10 terms by abuckenham

Social Studies

By exg
10 terms by exg

SRA-Unit 3-Lesson 17-Vocabulary for Appearances

10 terms by d181TEACHER

G.Washington Vocab #1

By Erin_Dessert
9 terms by Erin_Dessert

To KIll A Mockingbird - Vocab ch.10-15

By majesticesther
12 terms by majesticesther

6th Grade LA words 71-80

10 terms by MrsZalnisTEACHER

Unit 09

By igsZteacherTEACHER
21 terms by igsZteacherTEACHER

Vocab List Two

By Phillip_Stoltz
16 terms by Phillip_Stoltz

List 4

By dlopez126
10 terms by dlopez126

Live English 4

By graceyao0818
42 terms by graceyao0818

The Burglary

By Liselotte_Gj
40 terms by Liselotte_Gj

Devin 3rd Grade Vocabulary

By annmercurio
13 terms by annmercurio


By wind9887
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Mythology Vocabulary Part III: Love Stories & Others

By mcarpenterdcc
15 terms by mcarpenterdcc

SSAT Vocab-9/29/2016

By BarbaraRossie
13 terms by BarbaraRossie

Unit 8 Altered images

By luciagreco
9 terms by luciagreco

Dystopia List 1

By laurenwcrowley
15 terms by laurenwcrowley

Vocabulary Unit #1

By vpietronico
10 terms by vpietronico

spelling 2

By Dina_Parrotta
10 terms by Dina_Parrotta

Lesson 2

By Mrs_Choate
15 terms by Mrs_Choate

TED How to look inside the brain

By Domi_Lingua
19 terms by Domi_Lingua

George Washington's Socks Chapter 1-9 Vocabulary

By yscott
10 terms by yscott

Vocab 5.9-5.13 - Academic Word List

By MrsRoweHasClass
10 terms by MrsRoweHasClass

Unit 7: Have Compassion

By partlow5
10 terms by partlow5


By Fkate
12 terms by Fkate

Ss3.5 Voc 5

By h02el
8 terms by h02el

P4 IL Term 1 List 2

By Alan_KleinschmidtTEACHER
15 terms by Alan_KleinschmidtTEACHER

Class_Reading Street 6.1_Unit 2 Week 4_Good-bye to the Moon

By kpirndTEACHER
10 terms by kpirndTEACHER

新标准大学英语4 (unit 6)

By TiffanyhshTEACHER
15 terms by TiffanyhshTEACHER

Compassion Vocabulary

By ldfishTEACHER
10 terms by ldfishTEACHER

Wordly Wise, Book 5, Lesson 7

By Christy_Hinton
36 terms by Christy_Hinton

Expository2 September 2016

By Melissa_Pilakowski
12 terms by Melissa_Pilakowski