Language Arts: Elements of Fiction

By Martha_Crippen
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Language - Fiction

By Zamudio2
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Language Arts-Fiction Terms

By jmaisch1
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Non fiction language techniques

By ellysa_mulcahy
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Elements Of Fiction (Language Arts)

By Rach028
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Language of the Discipline: Fiction

By oliviago18
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Fiction- Language Arts :)

By MrsMinionLuver1532
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Language Arts: Realistic Fiction

By MrSchulte
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Non-Fiction Analysis - Visual Language

By jmcdon290
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Elements of fiction/figurative language

By juliasinger1
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Language Arts Elements of Fiction

By scallahan2002
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Language Arts Elements of Fiction

By ssmith1414
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The Language of Literature: Fiction

By burrosTEACHER
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Fiction language & Poetry

By abidailyo2
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Language Arts Historical Fiction

By Victoria_Godlewski
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Fiction and Nonfiction academic language

By FardeenK
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Language Arts: Non-Fiction- Malala

17 terms by MissJaegerCMSTEACHER

Language Arts- Fiction Genres

By hmthompson19
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Elements of Fiction & Figurative Language

By alexsumas
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Language Techniques for fiction

By jessellenforbes
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Language Arts Elements of Fiction

By vcoustan
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elements of fiction - language arts

By jahredlee
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The Language of Fiction- Language and Figures of Speech

By AutumnRoo24
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figurative language/elements of fiction

By rorysmith1818
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Elements of fiction and figurative language

By klouks62
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The Language of Literature: Fiction

By acooke2662
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Language Arts Fiction Words 2

By Nick_Spence21
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The Language of Fiction- Movements/Forms

By AutumnRoo24
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The Language of Fiction- Storytellers and Characters

By AutumnRoo24
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Figurative Language/Elements of Fiction

By hannah_porath
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Language Arts Elements Of Fiction

By abigailkurttz1502
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language arts- elements of fiction

By nskirklin
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Figurative Language and Elements of Fiction

By juliana_rebecca
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Figurative Language and Elements of Fiction

By malinaf01
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Elements of fiction and figurative language

By malinaf01
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Language Arts Fiction & Non-Fiction Vocab

By h_miller19
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Language Arts | Non-Fiction Terms |

By Ble1000283
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Oneretra (fictional language) vocabulary

By quiz3411
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Martian Language 010023 ~science fiction~

By martinqwerty
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Language Arts Elements of Fiction

By eli191
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The Language of Literature: Fiction

By kathrynstone16
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Language elements of fiction test

By raley_P
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Elements Of Fiction And Figurative Language

By mmathison0403
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The Language of Fiction- Narrative Structure

By AutumnRoo24
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Examples of Figurative Language from fiction

20 terms by CARSON-ELA6

Language Arts: Fictional Genres

By alexandraciampi
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Language Arts Fiction Quiz

By adrianna1970
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Freshman Language Arts Elements of Fiction

By Aracelis_Urbina
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Language Arts Historical Fiction Vocabulary

By Mari_Johnson
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