bensp3 El Viaje Fill in the blank: Verbs

42 terms By benitezd Teacher

Leçon 7A&B -ER Verbs Fill in the Blank (page 95)

70 terms By ksevert02 Teacher

PTE- Words + Preposition (Fill in the blanks)

125 terms By SMARTIELTS Teacher

Morse - Spicy Verbs - This is a fill in the blank quiz!

10 terms By Morsed Teacher

Make NEGATIVES Fill in the blanks

10 terms By burhanpeynirci Teacher

Non-action or Stative verbs (Fill in the blanks: progressive or simple?)

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Possessive Pronouns Fill in the blanks

8 terms By burhanpeynirci Teacher

Regular -er verbs (fill in the blank)

26 terms By profdefranC

Jabber_______ : fill in the blank

32 terms By Surlyaardvark Teacher

Verbs that behave like GUSTAR Fill in the Blanks

15 terms By benjaminwestlund Teacher

Spanish AR,ER,and IR VERBS: Fill in the blank

36 terms By kgerman Teacher

Etre fill in the blanks.

59 terms By rachelhbaker Teacher

Set 1 - Portfolio Deutsch - Kapitel 5 - Aufgabe 1 - Die Tageszeiten - fill in the blank with pictures

8 terms By fraubuitrago Teacher

French Regular present tense verbs fill-in-the-blanks

27 terms By actuohy Teacher

Fill in the Blank Verb Formulas

12 terms By PriPriH2O

Fill in the blank (verbs)

20 terms By tglisson

Fill-in-the-Blank Skeleton

23 terms By jamiemblack Teacher

Present Perfect Fill in the Blanks

10 terms By benjaminwestlund Teacher

Fill in the blank (verb être)

20 terms By Jenna_Quinn

Use passive voice to fill in the blanks.

10 terms By lisaflute7808 Teacher

Heart Fill-in-the-Blank

14 terms By jamiemblack Teacher

Conjugations for Verbs "Present 2" Fill-in the blanks

60 terms By pbrinkley71 Teacher

AR present tense-fill in the blanks

45 terms By sshabana Teacher

Fill in the blank: SER, ESTAR, TENER, HABER (Hay)

30 terms By dbobrow Teacher

Regular -er verbs (fill in the blank)

26 terms By amykingsley Teacher

Avancemos 2 U5L1 Vocabulario-Fill in the blank

39 terms By gphillip Teacher

Avancemos 1 U1L2 Adjectives Fill in the Blank

40 terms By gphillip Teacher

GERUND_Ex. 7. Fill in the blanks choosing between the Infinitive or Gerund of the verb in brackets.

29 terms By Tatyana_Dzhemula Teacher

Gerund OR Infinitive? (Fill in the Blank)

10 terms By Cynoda Teacher

Headway Sales- Fill in the blanks

7 terms By silvina_albelda Teacher

Fill in the blank AR verbs

36 terms By HFSSenorZ Teacher

Session 1 Fill-in-the-Blanks Illustrator CC

30 terms By Ayala_Bak Teacher

Photoshop CC Session 1 Fill-in-the-Blanks

30 terms By Ayala_Bak Teacher

Fill in the Blank - dative, accusative, nominative

12 terms By FrauWaltner Teacher

Les endroits - fill in the blank/questions

22 terms By Jessica_Harmon31 Teacher

Leçon 10 Fill in the Blank: un, une, des, de, d'

10 terms By ksevert02 Teacher

Ser vs Estar Fill-in-the-blank

20 terms By SenorHall Teacher

Gustar-like Verbs: Fill-in-the-Blank Practice

5 terms By dconnolly Teacher

-ar Verb Conj./Fill in the blanks

25 terms By poctasims

U.S. History - Ch. 4 (Sec. 1) - Fill in the Blanks

22 terms By ELTH3GR3AT Teacher

Lung Fill-in-the-Blank

4 terms By jamiemblack Teacher

Adjective Clauses (Relative Clauses): who vs. whom vs. whose---FILL IN THE BLANK

11 terms By kevanself Teacher

bensp3 El Viaje Nouns: Fill in the blank

30 terms By benitezd Teacher

Of Mice and Men-Fill in the Blank

23 terms By mslisowski Teacher

Regular -er verbs (fill in the blank)

26 terms By cpower88 Teacher

Unit 1-Fill ins the blanks

46 terms By Meryl_Colton

Preterite Fill-in-the-blank Review

24 terms By danicavaros Teacher

Spanish 1, Lesson 5 - Fill in the Blank Introduction Sentences, Practice 2

20 terms By baass Teacher

Avancemos 1 U2L2 Estar+ emotions Fill in the blank.

18 terms By gphillip Teacher

EAV Ch. 3 - Fill in the blank

50 terms By SKSturgeon Teacher