Fr 3, 4 - Common Irregular verbs (french)

By alanwils
24 terms by alanwils

Fr2 U3.11 French Irregular Verbs - Stem Changers

By aboschTEACHER
56 terms by aboschTEACHER

FR ) Obscure French Verbs

By HighClassSlim154
222 terms by HighClassSlim154

FR3 French Circonlocutions

By Mme_Southwood
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French Verbs (FR-ENG)

By Jacek7
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Reflexive Verbs (FR. 3)

By argyllfrench
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Fr.3 Les verbes pronominaux

By mmedjones
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Fr2 U3.11 French Irregular Verbs - Stem Changers

By besmith1
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French Verb Conjugation (EN-FR)

By aidanconstant
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French irregular verbs - fr/en

By katenewell
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French Regents Vocabulary Fr 3

By tamimiamiTEACHER
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French Professions - FR 3 Review

By mmesimons
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Oreg. verb Fr3

By Gustav_Norrman
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FR 3 Irregular Verbs

By snoeliz
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Fr2 U3.11 French Irregular Verbs - Stem Changers

By clevy18
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FR3 Verb (review) meanings

By hcps-kvsharnoffTEACHER
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Fr. 3 URA - Verb Test - Fr. to Fr.

By Leelawiz
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By jmtodaro
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Fr3 French Circonlocutions Vocab

By Mme_Southwood
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Fr 3 Verbes irréguliers

By alouiseTEACHER
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Fr2 U3.11 French Irregular Verbs - Stem Changers

By zhaneeaanderson
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FR 3 - Intro -IR Verbes

By e_girouxTEACHER
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Fr2 U3.11 French Irregular Verbs - Stem Changers

By lily_cornish
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Fr word verb 3

By bone200510
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French 2 BV2 Ch 4 verbs Fr 3-4 Ch E-1

40 terms by GPHS-FrenchTEACHER

FR3 Verbes Irreguliers

By MadameAllenTEACHER
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FR ) Obscure French Verbs ( Progression )

By HighClassSlim154
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FR 3 - Intro - ER Verbes

By e_girouxTEACHER
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Commonly used verbs fr3

By runnerbrandt
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Fr 3/4 - Verb review

By mllegalloway
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verbes 3 FR

By murieltardit
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French fr1-3

By elizajensen1
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French: Common -ER verbs: by end of FR 2

By vatsekouras
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Fr 3 -Ir Verbs

By Carol_Littleton
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FR: Verbs 3

By alice_harwood98
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FR Verbs 3

By katherine85p
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FR 3 IR / RE verbs

By MmeCecrle
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Fr verb to 3/9

By wilhelmina_finell
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Fr2, T3 verbs

By ltippett22
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FR: Verbs and prepositions 3

By alice_harwood98
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FR2: French 1 Irregular Verb review

By madamemorelli77TEACHER
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Fr2 U3.9 French Vocab - Food & Mealtime

By aboschTEACHER
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FR II Chapitre 4.3 (Reflexive Verbs)

By agasbara
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FR2: French 1 Regular Verbs Review

By madamemorelli77TEACHER
26 terms by madamemorelli77TEACHER

FR2 French I verbs (review)

By hcps-kvsharnoffTEACHER
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French irregular verbs fr/en - Etre

By katenewell
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FR 3 illness verb review

By Toni_Johnson3
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Fr2 et 3_Irregular Verb Definitions

By Tramelan
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verbs test fr.3 `

By Audrey_StClair
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Fr 3 test verbs

By cafairbank
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