Francais 2 - Passe Compose Review

By MadameLeachTEACHER
20 terms by MadameLeachTEACHER

French Unit 3: Passe Compose

By mkott_19
41 terms by mkott_19

unit 3 French passé compose

By nicolafaye_
13 terms by nicolafaye_

Français 10 Le passé composé

By vpfeiffer
42 terms by vpfeiffer

français 2 semaine 3 - passé composé

By Mme_Bartels
27 terms by Mme_Bartels

Français Unité 3a Passé Composé

By pwang4426
74 terms by pwang4426

FRANCAIS: passe compose

By Aggie_Fedor
69 terms by Aggie_Fedor

Francais 2 Passe compose expressions

By omalleye
18 terms by omalleye

Français A1: passé composé

By legeretdTEACHER
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Francais 2 Passe Compose

By arg4917
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Passe Compose Francais III

By kadamczyk7
30 terms by kadamczyk7

Francais: Passe Compose

By KatGirl3622
26 terms by KatGirl3622

Francais 1201 Passe Compose

By Tammy_Eydelman
47 terms by Tammy_Eydelman

Unit 3.1 Passe Compose Avec Avoir

By Vanesa_Rojas
24 terms by Vanesa_Rojas

Unit 3.1 Structures avoir + passe compose

By kelsayk
27 terms by kelsayk

francais verbes and passé compose

By swansonemma2019
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By thulan595
67 terms by thulan595

Français 2, Unité 1 Passé Composé

55 terms by LAUREN_PHILLIPSrhs

8 Français Passé composé

By GvBWoe
28 terms by GvBWoe

Français Passé Composé participe passé

By Mathew999
33 terms by Mathew999

Français passé composé

By courtney_hosler
16 terms by courtney_hosler

Français passe compose

By mia6347
21 terms by mia6347

Français - passé composé

By Valeria_Biedermann
37 terms by Valeria_Biedermann

Français passé composé

By spasanders
23 terms by spasanders

Français 3 Passé Composé avec Avoir

By kiskar8800
26 terms by kiskar8800

L'imparfait vs. passé composé en français

By Miss_Stenger
30 terms by Miss_Stenger

Français La passé composé

By jadesm20
32 terms by jadesm20

Français 2: Passé composé

By han_lo
16 terms by han_lo

Passé Composé -er Français

By MmePinno
42 terms by MmePinno

Français deux: Passé Composé

By jlouis
25 terms by jlouis

Francais - Passé composé

By meli03
61 terms by meli03

Français Passé Composé

By hdahlborg
33 terms by hdahlborg

Ms Evans Français 3 + 4 - passé composé

By evanswTEACHER
18 terms by evanswTEACHER

Passé Compose Pour Français

By idkwhattoputmynameas
25 terms by idkwhattoputmynameas

Français Passé Composé Irregulier

By SeaTurtle56
25 terms by SeaTurtle56

Français IV Passé Composé

By millemeg000
11 terms by millemeg000

Français II Passé Composé

By Shelby_E6
25 terms by Shelby_E6

Français Passé Composé

By jolien4401
13 terms by jolien4401

Français Irreguliar Passé Composé

By npansa2115
19 terms by npansa2115

Passé Composé Français II

By SPayette17ST
19 terms by SPayette17ST

français passé composé irregular verbs

By oliviawalshferre
18 terms by oliviawalshferre

Francais 9 - irregular passe compose

By Amerretti
22 terms by Amerretti

Français Passé Composé

By QueenJC
26 terms by QueenJC

Français Passe Composé (Irregular)

By danielle_fessler
21 terms by danielle_fessler

Passé Composé Français 2

By LPHSFrench
26 terms by LPHSFrench

Français II Passé Composé

By Samuel_Molin
15 terms by Samuel_Molin

Français Le Passé Composé

By shannon_coltrane
17 terms by shannon_coltrane

irregular verbs de francais passe compose

By Rauhlfully
17 terms by Rauhlfully

français - passé composé - avoir, être

By Mathew999
52 terms by Mathew999