French Numbers

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French abc

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Les saisons

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French 2 quiz review

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French Lesson 3

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Les mois de l'annee

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French Chapter 1

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Les jours de la semaine

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French chapter 1 vocab 2 and 3

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French level 1

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Le verbe s'appeler

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French Lesson Two

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French adjectives

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Le Passé Composé des verbes réguliers

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French III 3rd column -er verbs

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French 10 Preposition Vocab 9/3/15

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french grammar 1.1

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French days of week and months

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American History: French and Indian War

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FRENCH re & ir verbs

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french III R2-R6 Quiz

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Les Sentiments

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French vocab test 1

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Les travaux domestiques

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French unite 2

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French Quiz- Back of Pink Sheet

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FRENCH 1 - School Supplies

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French Course Vocab 9/3/15

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French 1 Unit 1 Quiz 5

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Subject Pronouns

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French page 4

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Basic French Words

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most common French verbs

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French Vocab

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French 4 Key Terms

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Unit 1: French 1 test 2

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French Lesson One

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French Story 1

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Reflexive Verbs

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French question 9/3/15

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French Quiz 1 review

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french vocab

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Tour de France vocabulary

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(French) Liste de Vocabulaire #1

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French Vocab 1

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Dads French Words List

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French months

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