Media - Television

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Navahs family words French

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French Family Words lilli

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French Unit 5 Vocab

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À l'aéroport

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French unit 3

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Les transports

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french chapter 3

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Les vacances

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French 9.3 Vocabulary

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French quiz 2.D

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French Vocab 17

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Des Verbes de Voyage

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French Vocabulary Unit 2A

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French ch 4

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Weather nouns

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Faire, Faire Expressions

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french quiz

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La liberté individuelle 3

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French Vocab 16

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french 1 -20

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French dates

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French CH 5

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French Final Vocab

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French Vocabulary 1

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french quiz for 11/30/15

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French Prepositions

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Present tense of the irregular verb falloir

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French 102 quiz 8

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-ER Verbs (Leçon 2A)

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Essay phrases

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Le temps libre

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Unite 10 Leçon A Vocabulary

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french test 11-30

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Chapitre 10

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French Vocab 1C

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French test

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Burial Rites Chapter 3 and 4 (French)

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The Present tense regular -er verbs

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French Words of the Day #4

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ER verbs

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French En Ville

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Burial Rites Chapter 7 & 8 (French)

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Final French Chapter Vocabulary

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French IV: Galerie de Createurs

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Chapter 9 Competence 4

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Expressions (idioms) w/avoir

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