French 1CP- food

50 terms By Bridget_Ryan20

French 1CP common -er verbs

27 terms By Bridget_Ryan20

french 1CP: time

13 terms By Bridget_Ryan20

LSN aller, present, passe compose, and imparfait

19 terms By mmesusansmith Teacher

D'accord Unit 4A Quizlet 3: ALLER in IMAGES

33 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

Les monstres! (Être, Avoir, Faire, Aller)

35 terms By Fitz-P Teacher

Le Future Proche- The Near Future and Aller

26 terms By MmeParis Teacher

Trinity Hall- French- Aller /Present

10 terms By annesophie1 Teacher

LG French - pouvoir, vouloir, aller, venir - present tense

32 terms By stonyhurstfrench Teacher

First Year French Verbs + Aller

45 terms By tknaggs Teacher

aller + infinitif

31 terms By ralapic Teacher

aller - English/French

10 terms By madamegrant Teacher

ALLER et les lieux

9 terms By magbooshkopp Teacher

U5 French Verbs - Aller & Venir

14 terms By abosch Teacher

Leçon 4A, aller / aller + infinitif

41 terms By kcjackson19 Teacher

5b Le verbe ALLER (au négatif)

8 terms By Prof_Vincent Teacher

Le verbe aller et les jours de la semaine

14 terms By Paul_Skalstad Teacher

Aller & Faire

22 terms By bookwrm209 Teacher


17 terms By m_eddyshaw Teacher

MPS6 French Town, Aller, Etc

54 terms By jroyall25 Teacher

Fr II 1B #2 aller, contractions, and places

46 terms By swaughohoh Teacher

Prepositions and Conjunctions, and the verb ALLER

28 terms By EcoleFairmount Teacher

Immediate Future in French: Aller

9 terms By robertberrios Teacher

BV1 - Ch 5 - Aller, Aller + inf

23 terms By utlars Teacher

€ Avoir, être, faire, aller, et venir

48 terms By MmeKaiser Teacher

NCHS, French II: L4 (aller)

11 terms By NCHSSchnabeltier Teacher

French 2 --aller=to go

9 terms By EllenKarsk Teacher


21 terms By mrproulx

Etre, Avoir, Faire et Aller

40 terms By stuart_howard Teacher

French present tense faire, prendre & aller

27 terms By jcritchley Teacher


40 terms By MlleWeaver Teacher


16 terms By MadameKeicher Teacher

aller et les bâtiments

34 terms By ralapic Teacher

MIDTERM - Aller expressions

28 terms By beardchr Teacher