French 2 honors: Faire des achats

By Charlotte_Perez
52 terms by Charlotte_Perez

Faire French II Honors

By AshtonW20
10 terms by AshtonW20

Faire expressions - French 2

By kdresnok
16 terms by kdresnok

LT Honors French II Avoir and Faire

By bemartensen
52 terms by bemartensen

French 2--Faire Expressions

By MadameMurray
14 terms by MadameMurray

FAIRE French 2

By boaouvert
36 terms by boaouvert

French Honors Expressions with Avoir and Faire

By jfm987
82 terms by jfm987

French 2 Faire and Faire expressions

22 terms by ANNA_ELFSTRUM

French 2 Faire Expressions

By Stekla
17 terms by Stekla

French 2--Faire Conjugation

By MadameMurray
10 terms by MadameMurray

Honors French 3 Final: Faire des achats

By sophia5sos
36 terms by sophia5sos

French Unit 2 Faire

By justinshelly
11 terms by justinshelly

French 2: Faire Conjugation

By scuff19
15 terms by scuff19

French 2 Faire Expressions

By manna_k
24 terms by manna_k

French 2- avoir and faire

By mgspringer
25 terms by mgspringer

French 2: Verb Faire

By scuff19
15 terms by scuff19

French 2--Les expressions de faire

By allec_willis
35 terms by allec_willis

French 2: The verb "faire"

By Amivi_Sogbo
28 terms by Amivi_Sogbo

French 2 Lesson 3: FAIRE

By MlleWin
8 terms by MlleWin

French 2: Faire Expressions

By Madeleine_Grant
20 terms by Madeleine_Grant

french retake # 2- faire

By Chris_Edwards25
13 terms by Chris_Edwards25

French 2 -Faire

By Thomas5209
12 terms by Thomas5209

French Faire 2

By EricaYuan
15 terms by EricaYuan

French 2 faire

By AReilly-Stewart
21 terms by AReilly-Stewart

French 2: Faire Expressions

By elliethomas_
16 terms by elliethomas_

French: Faire 2/25

By veronicajd
10 terms by veronicajd

French 2 Faire and

By AmundsenErik
15 terms by AmundsenErik

french 2 faire

By CamBraud
18 terms by CamBraud

French 2 (Faire)

By BNLangdon
22 terms by BNLangdon

French 2: Faire expressions

By Addy_Hayman
10 terms by Addy_Hayman

Honors French 2 Pollution

By KittyKatsFacts
51 terms by KittyKatsFacts

French 2 Honors Final

By haleyhauck
307 terms by haleyhauck

French 2, Expressions with Faire

By RHSMadameV
20 terms by RHSMadameV

Faire des phrases avec venir de (French 2)

By sfroedge
15 terms by sfroedge

Faire French 2 Exam

By RybacMe05
23 terms by RybacMe05

French 2 Unit 3 Faire expressions

By mclermontTEACHER
11 terms by mclermontTEACHER

Midterm French 2 Honors

By nicodelaney
50 terms by nicodelaney


By Emily_Bennett8
10 terms by Emily_Bennett8

French 2 Stacy Fair

By Stacy_Fair
62 terms by Stacy_Fair

French 3 Honors: La technologie 2

By madamecota
30 terms by madamecota

French 2: Unit 2: Faire

By meaganfoundwaldo
20 terms by meaganfoundwaldo

Honors French III: expressions avec avoir et faire

By Julia_marilyn
23 terms by Julia_marilyn

S2 French - Faire and Activities

By herrmeadows
17 terms by herrmeadows

Epner French 2 Avoir Etre Aller Faire

By KEpner
24 terms by KEpner

French Food French 2 Honors

By Daniel_Webber
98 terms by Daniel_Webber

French 2 - Expressions Avoir/Faire

By sara_mularski
24 terms by sara_mularski

French 2.1 faire verbs

By jensemck002
8 terms by jensemck002

French 2, L3, avoir & faire expressions

32 terms by kothcTEACHER