French 2 honors: Faire des achats

By Charlotte_Perez
52 terms by Charlotte_Perez

Faire French II Honors

By AshtonW20
10 terms by AshtonW20

Faire expressions - French 2

By kdresnokTEACHER
16 terms by kdresnokTEACHER

FAIRE French 2

By boaouvert
36 terms by boaouvert

French 2--Faire Expressions

By MadameMurray
14 terms by MadameMurray

French 2 Faire and Faire expressions

22 terms by ANNA_ELFSTRUM

avoir and faire phrases- french III honors hansen

By phoebelariccia
51 terms by phoebelariccia

Faires honors us Chapter 2

By Maisy_brouillette
34 terms by Maisy_brouillette

French 2 - Lecon 3 - Avoir et Faire

39 terms by SarahNWadeTEACHER

French 2 Faire Expressions

By Stekla
17 terms by Stekla

Honors French 3 Final: Faire des achats

By sophia5sos
36 terms by sophia5sos

French 2 - Faire Expressions

By JesusR__
20 terms by JesusR__

Faire ( French 2)

By Caramel0626
13 terms by Caramel0626

French Test #2 Faire

By mitchsmith1123
14 terms by mitchsmith1123

French2 Faire les courses

By Drey_Adams6
73 terms by Drey_Adams6

French 2: Faire Conjugation

By scuff19
15 terms by scuff19

French 2 Faire Expressions

By manna_k
24 terms by manna_k

French 2- avoir and faire

By mgspringer
25 terms by mgspringer

French 2: Verb Faire

By scuff19
15 terms by scuff19

French 2--Les expressions de faire

By allec_willis
35 terms by allec_willis

French 2 Avoir/Faire

By Celeste_Torvalds
25 terms by Celeste_Torvalds

French 2: The verb "faire"

By Amivi_Sogbo
28 terms by Amivi_Sogbo

French 2 -Faire

By Thomas5209
12 terms by Thomas5209

French Faire 2

By EricaYuan
15 terms by EricaYuan

French 2 faire

By AReilly-Stewart
21 terms by AReilly-Stewart

French 2: Faire Expressions

By elliethomas_
16 terms by elliethomas_

French 2 Lesson 3: FAIRE

By MlleWin
8 terms by MlleWin

French: Faire 2/25

By veronicajd
10 terms by veronicajd

French 2 Faire and Jouer

By ngannika
20 terms by ngannika

French 2 Faire

By PrussianBlue3
16 terms by PrussianBlue3

French 2 Faire

By logiebear99
31 terms by logiebear99

Avoir/Faire- French 2

By makennzie
38 terms by makennzie

French 2 Honors Final

By haleyhauck
307 terms by haleyhauck

French 2 Faire and

By AmundsenErik
15 terms by AmundsenErik

french 2 faire

By CamBraud
18 terms by CamBraud

French 2 (Faire)

By BNLangdon
22 terms by BNLangdon

Honors French 2 Pollution

By KittyKatsFacts
51 terms by KittyKatsFacts

French 2: Faire expressions

By Addy_Hayman
10 terms by Addy_Hayman

French 2 faire and kitchen

By daniellek00
23 terms by daniellek00

French 2, Expressions with Faire

By RHSMadameV
20 terms by RHSMadameV

French 2 Unit 3 Faire expressions

By mclermontTEACHER
11 terms by mclermontTEACHER

Faire des phrases avec venir de (French 2)

By sfroedge
15 terms by sfroedge

Renna French 2 faire et avoir

By rennaj18
39 terms by rennaj18

Faire French 2 Exam

By RybacMe05
23 terms by RybacMe05


By Emily_Bennett8
10 terms by Emily_Bennett8

French 2 Stacy Fair

By Stacy_Fair
62 terms by Stacy_Fair

Midterm French 2 Honors

By nicodelaney
50 terms by nicodelaney

French 2--Faire Conjugation and Expressions

By MadameMurray
20 terms by MadameMurray

French 3 Honors: La technologie 2

By madamecota
30 terms by madamecota