French 2 ir verbs present past future

32 terms By juliegaffney Teacher

french 2 ir verb infinitives

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CEHS French 2 ir verbs forms

36 terms By dpeary Teacher

French -ir Verbs

14 terms By keengli Teacher

french 2 ir verb forms present tense

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U6 L19 -ir verbs

32 terms By monsieurburke Teacher

AR/ER/IR Verbs

36 terms By SraFite Teacher

U6 French Verbs - Regular Present -IR Verbs

35 terms By abosch Teacher

French 2, -IR verbs

24 terms By RHSMadameV

Common -IR verbs

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Discovering French BLEU Leçon 19 -IR Verbs

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French -ir verb endings

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French 2 -ir Verbs Definitions

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French 2 ir verbs(A-T)

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French: IR verbs

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Common -IR verbs in French

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French 2 IR verbs (for test)

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French 2 IR verb conjugations

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French 2 -IR verbs

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French 1 review: irregular -ir verbs

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French 2 IR Verbs

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French 2 IR verb conjugations

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French 2- -IR Verbs

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French 2 ir Verb Vocab

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French IR Verbs

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French 2 ir Verbs

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french 2 - ir verbs

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French 2 IR Verbs

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Espaces French 2 -IR verbs

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french 2 ir verbs

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French 2: IR verbs

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French 2 -IR verbs

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french 2 ir verbs

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French 2 -Ir Verbs

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French 2 IR Verbs

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French 2 -IR Verbs

20 terms By TeloAime

French 2 IR Verbs

16 terms By Mandy_Le3

Regular French 2 IR and RE Verbs

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French 1 review: regular -ir verbs

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Irregular Ir verb present- partir

9 terms By mariemetoure Teacher

French 2 IR verbs

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French 2 ir verbs

22 terms By Rina_Dean

french 2 ir verbs

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French 2 ir verbs (finir)

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C8Rouge -ir verbs

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IR verbs and conjugations

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