French verbs future 2

70 terms by Mr-RemyTEACHER

French 2--Future Tense in French--Futur Proche

By MadameMurray
8 terms by MadameMurray

French future tense 2

By mayakeirallax
13 terms by mayakeirallax

French 2: Future irregulars

By rachelns5
12 terms by rachelns5

French 2 Future Verbs

By rebelDraconis
13 terms by rebelDraconis

French III 5.2 Le Futur (future stems)

By tbiedenkapp
27 terms by tbiedenkapp

French *2 ( In the Future...)

By amymcq
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Future-- French 2

By dabneyholt_linderman
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French Future Simple 2

By elisa_farrell
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French irregular future 2

By anais_claire
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French 2--Future Tense in French--Futur Proche

By maeeisbaee
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Future tense French 2

By pricar6538
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French 2 Future tense

By emtraveler
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Future-- French 2

By Chloe_Copsmith
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Future irregular verbs french 2

By gibbes
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French- Future Plans 2

By EmilyMorgan3800
12 terms by EmilyMorgan3800

Future Tense // French 2

By Denae_Tyler
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French 2 future tense

By RebeccaB22
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French 2 Future Simple

By abdulnafea_syed
18 terms by abdulnafea_syed

French 2 - le futur simple

By MrsRossingtonTEACHER
13 terms by MrsRossingtonTEACHER

French 2- Future Stems

By melina_mirza
15 terms by melina_mirza

French 2: Future Tense

By Keannasmig
22 terms by Keannasmig

future tense (FRENCH 2)

By Natalia_Dotter
42 terms by Natalia_Dotter

French 2 "Le Future" (Proche)

By Lena_Doll
16 terms by Lena_Doll

French 2 Le Futur

By Karolinazimny16
12 terms by Karolinazimny16

French 2 Future simple - irregulars

By munroechTEACHER
15 terms by munroechTEACHER

French 2 (Le Futur Simple)

By sedwards5412
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Futur Sample- French 2

By LauraGorry
10 terms by LauraGorry

French III 5.2 Le Future English to French

By tbiedenkapp
24 terms by tbiedenkapp

French 2 Irregular Future stems

By gbeardmore
9 terms by gbeardmore

French 2 (le futur-irregular)

By DealingMF
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French 2 future irregular practice

By edwilly
23 terms by edwilly

SHMS French 2: Le Futur

By utglo
64 terms by utglo

French 2 - Le futur

By Olivia_Trudeau
10 terms by Olivia_Trudeau

French present, past and future 2

By MrsIsaacs
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French 2 Futur

By rjaddeo
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French 2 ir verbs present past future

By juliegaffneyTEACHER
32 terms by juliegaffneyTEACHER

French 2: Le Futur

By lmconroy8
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French 2 Irregular Future Tenses

By Huge_Laundry
21 terms by Huge_Laundry

Conditional/future tense french 2

By Taylor_Shantz
33 terms by Taylor_Shantz

2016 French Edexcel GCSE: Future Aspirations 2

By SBetteridgeTEACHER
47 terms by SBetteridgeTEACHER

French 2 true future of irregular verbs

By Lori_Turnage1
30 terms by Lori_Turnage1

"The future" French 2 verb prefixes

By larissalove55
20 terms by larissalove55

French 3 unit 2 LE FUTUR

By Marie_PirkerTEACHER
43 terms by Marie_PirkerTEACHER

NCEA Level 2 French- My Future

By MsHemmingsTEACHER
77 terms by MsHemmingsTEACHER

Irregular Future Tense (French 2)

By Madeline_Filipski
14 terms by Madeline_Filipski

French 2-times of the day (past, present future)

By cmerrit2
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French 2 Unit 9 Future Tense

By earth_001
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French Irregular Verbs Future 2

By prgrazz99
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French semestre 2 condit/future

By anna_baumeister
13 terms by anna_baumeister