avoir (for French 3)

By Holly_Cover
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French 3 avoir verbs

By wcsnfarhoud
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French - Vocab 3 Vocab - Classroom Objects/Avoir

By OstheimerTEACHER
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French Vocabulary: Avoir Mal

By TheGreatIntelligence
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Avoir French AC3

By gabymatro
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avoir idioms French 3

By BarbaraJeanHuff1965
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French Vocabulary: Avoir Mal

By Fjernsyn
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Avoir - French 3

By samikelly
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French ch 3 avoir

By Sarahfaye103
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NCHS, French II: L3 - avoir and expressions with avoir

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French 3 avoir

By Kayla_Rodriguez37
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French Avoir Vocabulary

By ARoselund13
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French Vocabulary - Avoir

By Bok_the_original
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Avoir French vocabulary

By ashley3231
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French Vocabulary With "Avoir"

By pmadaus15
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french-lesson 3-avoir

By szipfel
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French 3 Avoir/Faire

By silverbird125
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French 3- Avoir

By Jayden_Grant715
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French Vocabulary-Avoir

By Elizabeth_Hartman4
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French 3 Avoir Irregular

By kim06049
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french 3 avoir expressions

By a115949
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French Verbs #3- Avoir

By laurenhh
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French vocabulary (avoir expressions)

By LaurenRobert
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French Avoir and Vocabulary

By MereResia
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French Test #3 Avoir

By lbanner22
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French 2 Lesson 3: AVOIR

By MlleWin
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French 2, L3, avoir & faire expressions

32 terms by kothcTEACHER

French Vocabulary Avoir

By luistreto00
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French Vocabulary Avoir

By kykygymnast
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Avoir French Vocabulary

By jordan_mineer
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French Vocabulary- Avoir

By emmacatherine2
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French Vocabulary: Avoir

By Starcher21
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French Vocabulary (avoir)

By thearctic1975_
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French Vocabulary avoir

By arsenydolgoff
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Discovering French Blanc U1 L3 Avoir

By ralapicTEACHER
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Avoir and Etre - French Vocabulary

By Adonis0903
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French ch. 3 avoir expressions

By daynacreasy66
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G3 - French_Avoir - to have

By mrscolosiTEACHER
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French 3 - phrases with avoir

By fugit17
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French 2 Unit 3 Avoir Expressions

By mclermontTEACHER
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By ricky_ruiz7
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French 1.3 Expressions avec avoir

By David_Wood7TEACHER
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French 3 Expressions avec avoir

By katiethoma834
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French 3 Avoir/ Faire Expressions

By kdecoursey22
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French 3 (Avoir, etre, imarfait)

By Kellie_Kinne
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By stingrayy
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Avoir preswex 1a3 French

By CKinsella14694
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French 3-Faire and Avoir Expressions

By sburge18
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avoir mme reed french 3

By katherine_sarafianos
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French 3 avoir/faire expressions

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