French 2200 Le pluriel des noms

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Formation du pluriel des adjectives irréguliers MP

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French 3 Chapter 2 Le pluriel des noms

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French III Midterm- Le pluriel des noms

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french l'environment: des adjectives

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French #8 (LECON 2) (la position des adjectives)

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Le Pluriel des Articles

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Le Pluriel des Phrases

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le pluriel des noms

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Pluriel des noms

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French Adjectives

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pluriel des noms en eu, eau, au

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Articles et noms au pluriel

By Le_Club_des_cinqTEACHER
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Les pluriel des adjectifs

By Michelle_Mann88
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Irregular adjectives - Des adjectives irréguliers

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pluriel des adjectifs masc ou fem

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Le pluriel des noms

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Le pluriel et le négtif des articles indéfini:

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le pluriel des noms

By mantaleigh
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FrenchSmart 5 - 3. pg 19 & 20 Les accessoires singulier et pluriel

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Le Pluriel des Noms

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le pluriel des noms

By Kate_Scheer
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Le pluriel des noms

By julia_ghyzel
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Unité 1- Le féminin et le pluriel des adjectifs

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Ch. 6 Le pluriel des noms

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Le pluriel des noms

By Claire_Martin46
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Les articles - The articles: Pluriel - Plural

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Chapitre 1: Le pluriel des noms

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Masculin, féminin ou pluriel ?

By Ms-Annelise
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Ecris le pluriel et le singulier

By ppigacheTEACHER
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adjectives -description des gens (how to describe people)

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French adjectives (colours): position

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Des Fruits

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Les terminaisons des verbes -er McHi French

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French Adjectives - 7B

By kristinwright
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8.8 -al nouns and adjectives

By Mme_MillerTEACHER
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3A Descriptive adjectives - Practices with sentences

By Michele_Perini
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Des poissons et des fruits de mer

By Alyxandria3
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Le pluriel des adjectifs qualificatifs

By nandre1
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Bravo Chapitre 1 Lecon 2 Pluriel

By Jennifer_Cattaneo
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Les terminaisons des verbes en -ir

By French_McHi
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French 4 adjectives

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Adjectives/ Des Adjectives

By MoMosamples88
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French Quiz #1-Basic Beginnings

By hannah-bradley
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G1 - 3A.1 - Descriptive adjectives - Practices with sentences

By vbillingTEACHER
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Quizlet 2: French Leisure & Opinions in IMAGES

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Possessive Adjectives 3A

By RaySremmurd45
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Conjugaison des verbes er

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des adjectives 2

By erikjuergensTEACHER
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