French Adjectives GCSE Edexcel

182 terms By eddiekayshun Teacher

French Adjectives

66 terms By madamewb Teacher

French adjectives 1

58 terms By kaliya Teacher

French adjectives to describe personal appearance

13 terms By MmeBarratt Teacher

Duolingo French: Adjectives 1

35 terms By UNKNOWN890

Quizlet 2: English to French Adjectives

97 terms By MmeThomas Teacher

French adjectives - List

40 terms By frenchetc

French Adjectives

100 terms By CarlosNietoCeron

French adjectives to describe personality

18 terms By MmeBarratt Teacher

French Adjectives 1-50

50 terms By tickals

French Adjectives (People)

61 terms By MmeRuiz Teacher

Kunz French Adjectives

25 terms By Kunzelmanj Teacher

Adjectives (translations)

35 terms By MmeNeumann Teacher

French adjectives and their translation in English

28 terms By karinereed Teacher

3. French Adjectives Practice

71 terms By ccheatwd Teacher

French Adjectives

50 terms By keengli Teacher

French Adjectives

21 terms By Molly_Drum Teacher

Independent French Adjectives

25 terms By Ms_Berger Teacher

French Adjectives for Level 1 Reveiw test

72 terms By singer13

French Adjectives: Definitions

70 terms By lmail

French Adjectives

17 terms By johndemler Teacher

MPS French Adjectives--6th

31 terms By jroyall25 Teacher

French Adjectives: Masculine and Feminine Forms

70 terms By lmail

3B. French adjectives (m. form)

37 terms By ccheatwd Teacher

French Adjectives Quiz

52 terms By joshtmeadows

Checkpoint Pre-B French Adjectives

82 terms By svanderwerken Teacher

French Adjectives- Meanings

91 terms By sbhester Teacher

Simple French Adjectives - Placement

20 terms By MlleAbby

French Adjectives Practice

35 terms By lmail

Preiss French adjectives

66 terms By PreissShraga Teacher

French Adjectives

21 terms By bellabrown

French Adjectives

52 terms By Aloysius2 Teacher

French Adjectives (Position of Adjectives)

22 terms By MmeNeumann Teacher

French Adjectives - 2nd Half

56 terms By tickals

french Adjectives

58 terms By KMKoriKM

GCSE French adjectives

167 terms By stephenm Teacher

French adjectives of personality

30 terms By Fitz-P Teacher

Adjectives (feminin 1)

26 terms By MmeNeumann Teacher

French adjectives part 2

11 terms By johndemler Teacher

French Adjectives Practice* make them agree -0:)

42 terms By kdresnok Teacher

French adjectives and gender

64 terms By lucylholmes Teacher

Advanced French Adjectives

78 terms By viridescences

French Adjectives

25 terms By mbaworldlanguage Teacher

French Adjectives

45 terms By aronsa

French Adjectives

20 terms By Sandvick Teacher

French adjectives

33 terms By khdiallo2

French Adjectives

23 terms By simonnguyen131

French Adjectives extension

32 terms By slauret Teacher

French Adjectives

51 terms By GrOConnor Teacher

French Adjectives LHS

10 terms By MadameSmith_LHS Teacher