French avoir-to have

28 terms By MmeMassey Teacher

French avoir & être present tense

18 terms By jcritchley Teacher

Smythe French: AVOIR conjugation

17 terms By lsmyth2 Teacher

Chafyn French avoir

9 terms By cnicklin Teacher

French avoir verbs

5 terms By Angelo-Saez Teacher

French Avoir And Être

18 terms By mathewgeorge

Basic French: AVOIR expressions

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French avoir (to have)

8 terms By BandKStorm

French Avoir

24 terms By poolf

French Avoir et Etre Vocab

30 terms By Marimee_Jules

[French] Avoir

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French Avoir and Faire Expressions

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French - avoir and avoir expressions

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French avoir & être mix tenses

72 terms By jcritchley Teacher

French: Avoir Conjugation

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French Avoir Conjugation

12 terms By anniewallaceecker Teacher

French Avoir

23 terms By mesrogers

French avoir


French Avoir or Etre LHS

16 terms By MadameSmith_LHS Teacher

French Avoir Faim Present tense

6 terms By michoutim Teacher

Miss Francis - year 7 French - avoir

8 terms By lfrancisibstock Teacher

French Avoir and Faire

49 terms By hadenflorn

French avoir

24 terms By cbbutterfly

French Avoir Expressions

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33 terms By MariannaAcostaA

00 rv crash french Avoir Être

16 terms By SrVincent Teacher

Joe's Espace French, Avoir conjugation

91 terms By 1life2serve

French: Avoir Conjugation

7 terms By brista

8th Gr French Avoir Expressions

13 terms By azilch Teacher

French Avoir

22 terms By bobby2019

French Avoir Idioms

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French avoir-to have

23 terms By lmylin

French avoir stuff

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French Avoir and Faire Expressions

51 terms By MadameSivo Teacher

French Avoir

12 terms By Margaret_Bilardo

French Avoir/ Faire Quiz Cards

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french avoir and etre idioms

21 terms By charhasthe411

French Avoir Expressions and Conjugations

22 terms By bluerosestain

French Avoir

30 terms By shnidhi

BD 1 French Avoir

27 terms By ElderSonicWand

French - Avoir Phrases

15 terms By s09amorris

French Avoir Present

14 terms By gorcea

French Avoir Expressions

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French Avoir

2 terms By emontay

French avoir expressions

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French : Avoir

8 terms By dlarkin9

French Avoir/Etre

14 terms By 12kholmes

French Avoir & Lesson 2B

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French (avoir And Weekdays)

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