French Basic Conversational Phrases

22 terms By TheLanguageProfessor Teacher

Shaw French Basics

95 terms By ashaw43 Teacher

French Basics

32 terms By misseynon Teacher

Ivan's French Basics

3 terms By IR1924

French Basics (words)

16 terms By Avery_Middleton

Year 7 French Basics

40 terms By hamrickjMFL Teacher

French Basic Conversation

24 terms By MadamePanella Teacher

THS French Basics 1

22 terms By MrHawkins09 Teacher

Duolingo French basics 4

19 terms By robertberrios Teacher

Duolingo French basics 1

9 terms By robertberrios Teacher

French basic (irregular verbs) ①

37 terms By Marin_Akino

French Basic Family

10 terms By skibones

Duolingo French basics 5

17 terms By robertberrios Teacher

French basic verbs

28 terms By frackiewicz Teacher

Duolingo - French Basics

21 terms By mercedes_jean

Combo with "WL8 French Basic Conversational Vocabulary" and 2 others

114 terms By mme_brown Teacher

French Basics: Lesson 1

55 terms By katybeth555

French Basic Greetings, Expressions, and Feelings

45 terms By msschmearer

French Basics I

38 terms By newaccbcimbored

Duolingo French basics 2

10 terms By robertberrios Teacher

French Basic Phrases

73 terms By allineedisl0ve

French Basics

10 terms By violinsalsa99

Duolingo French basics 3

12 terms By robertberrios Teacher

French Basics

72 terms By jessica_harris3

WL French basic greetings vocab

12 terms By actuohy Teacher

French Basics

73 terms By y2015grafer

Duolingo French Basics 1 - verbs

30 terms By briangmilnes

French Basic Review

28 terms By travelswithcoffee

French Basic Connectives

14 terms By MARKANDALIW Teacher

French Basics

30 terms By ckj1388

Week 1 French: Basic Phrases for Conversation

16 terms By trackkidd

French, Basics

73 terms By studybuddie

French basic-RE verbs ①

6 terms By Marin_Akino

French Basics From Language Helper

34 terms By writtenfire14

French Basics

10 terms By soueid Teacher

French Basic Expressions

25 terms By Natalie_Poskey

French basics #1

60 terms By Airstar97

French: Basic foods

20 terms By eljaytee

French Basics

14 terms By Sydney2802

French Basics

51 terms By kblj

French - Basics

39 terms By vmariesor

French - Basic Verbs

29 terms By nadiadrareg

French Basic Vocab

25 terms By dolphinJNW

French basic -IR verbs

6 terms By Marin_Akino

french basics

14 terms By Maggie2rus

French basic conversation vocabulary

21 terms By Morella_Almann

French Basics

11 terms By erincrotty1

French Basics

13 terms By katherinelima

French Basics - 1.1

77 terms By tree_chaser

french basic vocab

11 terms By mb_a_w