French Basic Conversational Phrases

22 terms By TheLanguageProfessor Teacher

Shaw French Basics

95 terms By ashaw43 Teacher

French Basics

32 terms By misseynon Teacher

Ivan's French Basics

3 terms By IR1924

French Basics (words)

16 terms By Avery_Middleton

Year 7 French Basics

40 terms By hamrickjMFL Teacher

Duolingo French basics 4

19 terms By robertberrios Teacher

French Basic Expressions

25 terms By Natalie_Poskey Teacher

French Basic Conversation

24 terms By MadamePanella Teacher

Duolingo French basics 1

9 terms By robertberrios Teacher

Duolingo - French Basics

21 terms By mercedes_jean

THS French Basics 1

22 terms By MrHawkins09 Teacher

WL French basic greetings vocab

12 terms By actuohy Teacher

Duolingo French basics 5

17 terms By robertberrios Teacher

French basic (irregular verbs) ①

37 terms By Marin_Akino

Duolingo French basics 3

12 terms By robertberrios Teacher

Duolingo French basics 2

10 terms By robertberrios Teacher

French basic verbs

28 terms By frackiewicz Teacher

Duolingo French Basics 1 - verbs

30 terms By briangmilnes

French Basics I

38 terms By newaccbcimbored

French Basics: Lesson 1

55 terms By katybeth555

French Basic Greetings, Expressions, and Feelings

45 terms By msschmearer

French Basics

72 terms By jessica_harris3

French Basic Phrases

73 terms By allineedisl0ve

French Basics

10 terms By violinsalsa99

French Basic Connectives

14 terms By MARKANDALIW Teacher

French Basics

73 terms By y2015grafer

French Basics

30 terms By ckj1388

Week 1 French: Basic Phrases for Conversation

16 terms By trackkidd

French, Basics

73 terms By studybuddie

French: Basics and Nouns 2

44 terms By alpartridge

French - Basic Verbs

29 terms By nadiadrareg

French: Basic foods

20 terms By eljaytee

French basic-RE verbs ①

6 terms By Marin_Akino

French Basics From Language Helper

34 terms By writtenfire14

French Basics

38 terms By Pinky_Monroe

French - Basics

39 terms By vmariesor

French Basics

10 terms By soueid Teacher

French Basics

51 terms By kblj

French Basics

14 terms By Sydney2802

French Basics: Colors

11 terms By grknutso

French basic -IR verbs

6 terms By Marin_Akino

French Basic Vocab

25 terms By dolphinJNW

French Basic Words

34 terms By mylifewow

French basics #1

60 terms By Airstar97

French basic conversation vocabulary

21 terms By Morella_Almann

French Basics

11 terms By erincrotty1

French Basics - 1.1

77 terms By tree_chaser

Duolingo French Basics 1 - nouns, adjectives and pronouns

17 terms By briangmilnes

Duolingo French Basics 1 Lessons 1-4

32 terms By MmeBelanger Teacher