French Verbs

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Describing clothes in French, Ch. 7

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French Alphabet.

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French-week 4

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French: past terminology

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french body parts

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French clothing and accessories

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1-30 French Nombres

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French Unit 1

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French: Le passé composé

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French I vocab 1

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10 Flash cards for French

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french alt

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French ER Verbs

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Les vĂȘtements

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French Vocab Ch. 7

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French Basic Social Expressions

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French vocab 1.1

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Extra French Vocab 4

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Les vandertrampp

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French Ch 1-1

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French P.36-37 (occupations)

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French Alphabet

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French 112 8A

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French numbers 1-10

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French Vocabulaire 2H

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French Quiz

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Months and days of the week in French

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French Quiz 2

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Rapports familiaux

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Ch7 - Mots et expressions divers

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French Ch1L1

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Terminasons de Verbe vouloir

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French Chapter 7-1

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AP French Vocab 2

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French- Test 1

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french verb: croire

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French numbers

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french verb: se lever

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French: Greetings & Basic Questions

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French auf 1.9.2015

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french verb: prendre

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french verb: rendre

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La Famille

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french verb: finir

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French- Quiz 2

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