French Vocab Test 3

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french higher level vocab

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French Vocab Test 3

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Les Nationalites

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Offrir (to offer)

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French connectives

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French script 2/11

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Family and relationships Term 1

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Verbs like Partir pg 113

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leisure activities french

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Household tasks

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French 1 Chapter 1 Vocab

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Plaire and Se Taire

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Verbs like Mettre

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French 1301

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Faire - to do

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Irregular verb forms in the subjunctive: French

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French vocabulary

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Aller - to go

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French aduchuosdhoduv

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Être - to be

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Aural french

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week 3 french

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French 2 Vocab 18

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Avoir- to have

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places in town - french

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L'examen 1

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Random French words

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French Accessories Quiz

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Er verbs

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summary task french

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French 3 body parts

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Vive les vacances

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French - Unit 9

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French bien etre

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GCSE French Edexcel Higher Module 8

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French vocab 2

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Chapter 12 EC Vocab French

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9 French present tenses

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French 2H: U4LB Vocab: Les Professions et Métiers

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Futur Simple Irregular

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Directions 2/10

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Où habites-tu 2/10

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Rooms in the House 2/10

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French pg 303-305

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IB French La Santé:alcool, tabac, drogues

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