Irregulars Future and Future Conditional

By cjellis1102
12 terms by cjellis1102

Future and Future Conditional Irregulars

By eichieeo
11 terms by eichieeo

French Irregular in Future/Conditional

By KatieLiz6
16 terms by KatieLiz6

irregular french conditional/future

By RJMcIntyre
12 terms by RJMcIntyre

French Future Conditional (Irregular)

By lindsey_falack
13 terms by lindsey_falack

FRENCH irregulars-conditional/future

By oliviaeoneil
11 terms by oliviaeoneil

french future/conditional irregulars

By Alex_Imre
9 terms by Alex_Imre

French future and conditional irregular

By jocheban
9 terms by jocheban

Future and Conditional Irregulars French

By vkologrivov
18 terms by vkologrivov

French future (conditional) irregulars

By mayajaswal
18 terms by mayajaswal

Irregular Future/Conditional STEMS

By SalamoneyTEACHER
18 terms by SalamoneyTEACHER

French irregular future & conditional stems

By jcritchleyTEACHER
28 terms by jcritchleyTEACHER

Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By Madame_BrowneTEACHER
18 terms by Madame_BrowneTEACHER

Future and Conditional

By HeatherRitterTEACHER
20 terms by HeatherRitterTEACHER

FRENCH: Irregular Future/Conditional stems

By kgossmann
34 terms by kgossmann

Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By becca_mulroy
18 terms by becca_mulroy

Future / Conditional - irregular stems

By avenir1961TEACHER
30 terms by avenir1961TEACHER

Irregular Stems - Future & Conditional

By emilspar
12 terms by emilspar

Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By jkotterTEACHER
28 terms by jkotterTEACHER

Irregular future & conditional stems

By MadameWoj
25 terms by MadameWoj

Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By cyoung04
17 terms by cyoung04

Future Conditional

By Cole_DeGroat
13 terms by Cole_DeGroat

irregular future and conditional stems

By MadameZFrenchTEACHER
10 terms by MadameZFrenchTEACHER


By Molly_Lipp
19 terms by Molly_Lipp

Future and Conditional Irregulars

By tchatter
10 terms by tchatter

Irregular Conditional and Future Stems

By kbsanborn
26 terms by kbsanborn

Future - Conditional

By dcollyer
100 terms by dcollyer

Irregular Future and Conditional Stems

By mmemeserveyTEACHER
18 terms by mmemeserveyTEACHER

Irregular Future and Conditional Stems

By Mflietstra
18 terms by Mflietstra

future - conditional

By jwelborn
78 terms by jwelborn

Irregular Conditional and Future Stems

By Jmyers129TEACHER
26 terms by Jmyers129TEACHER

Irregular Future & Conditional French stems

By Terri_Wright3
14 terms by Terri_Wright3

future and conditional

By jbogan4
155 terms by jbogan4


By kpawlowicz
14 terms by kpawlowicz

Future Conditional

By sophhia__
8 terms by sophhia__

Conditional/Future Irregular Stems

By wildcat04
12 terms by wildcat04

Future conditional

By Margaux_Games
24 terms by Margaux_Games

future and conditional

By lieselwilson
26 terms by lieselwilson

The Future and Conditional

By jalexander6
18 terms by jalexander6

Future and conditional

By Andrea_McDonnell
13 terms by Andrea_McDonnell

conditional & future irregular roots

By campanasTEACHER
13 terms by campanasTEACHER

Future and Conditional

By Benjamin_Gensler7TEACHER
32 terms by Benjamin_Gensler7TEACHER

Irregular stems for future and conditional

By MadameSturgeon
13 terms by MadameSturgeon

Future and Conditional

By despinawilson
32 terms by despinawilson

irregular future & conditional stems

By leonoracTEACHER
12 terms by leonoracTEACHER

el future/ el conditional

By bd7911
24 terms by bd7911

French Conditional/Future Stems

By twycrossspanish
13 terms by twycrossspanish

Future and conditional

By Jeannette_Stamper
20 terms by Jeannette_Stamper

French "Conditional"/Future stems

By mmemcgrathTEACHER
18 terms by mmemcgrathTEACHER

Irregular stems for Future and Conditional

By OdreyTour
15 terms by OdreyTour