Irregulars Future and Future Conditional

By cjellis1102
12 terms by cjellis1102

Future and Future Conditional Irregulars

By eichieeo
11 terms by eichieeo

French Irregular in Future/Conditional

By KatieLiz6
16 terms by KatieLiz6

irregular french conditional/future

By RJMcIntyre
12 terms by RJMcIntyre

FRENCH irregulars-conditional/future

By oliviaeoneil
11 terms by oliviaeoneil

french future/conditional irregulars

By Alex_Imre
9 terms by Alex_Imre

French Future Conditional (Irregular)

By lindsey_falack
13 terms by lindsey_falack

Future and Conditional Irregulars French

By vkologrivov
18 terms by vkologrivov

French future and conditional irregular

By jocheban
9 terms by jocheban

French future (conditional) irregulars

By mayajaswal
18 terms by mayajaswal

Irregular Future/Conditional STEMS

By SalamoneyTEACHER
18 terms by SalamoneyTEACHER

Future and Conditional

By HeatherRitterTEACHER
20 terms by HeatherRitterTEACHER

Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By Madame_BrowneTEACHER
18 terms by Madame_BrowneTEACHER

French irregular future & conditional stems

By jcritchleyTEACHER
28 terms by jcritchleyTEACHER

FRENCH: Irregular Future/Conditional stems

By kgossmann
34 terms by kgossmann

Future Conditional

By Cole_DeGroat
13 terms by Cole_DeGroat

Future / Conditional - irregular stems

By avenir1961TEACHER
30 terms by avenir1961TEACHER

Irregular Stems - Future & Conditional

By emilspar
12 terms by emilspar

Irregular future & conditional stems

By MadameWoj
23 terms by MadameWoj

Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By becca_mulroy
18 terms by becca_mulroy

Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By cyoung04
17 terms by cyoung04

irregular future and conditional stems

By MadameZFrenchTEACHER
10 terms by MadameZFrenchTEACHER

Irregular Conditional and Future Stems

By kbsanborn
26 terms by kbsanborn


By Molly_Lipp
19 terms by Molly_Lipp

Future and Conditional Irregulars

By tchatter
10 terms by tchatter

Future - Conditional

By dcollyer
100 terms by dcollyer

Irregular Future and Conditional Stems

By mmemeserveyTEACHER
18 terms by mmemeserveyTEACHER

Irregular Future and Conditional Stems

By Mflietstra
18 terms by Mflietstra

Future Conditional

By sophhia__
8 terms by sophhia__

future - conditional

By jwelborn
78 terms by jwelborn

Future and conditional

By Andrea_McDonnell
13 terms by Andrea_McDonnell

Irregular Conditional and Future Stems

By Jmyers129TEACHER
26 terms by Jmyers129TEACHER

Future and Conditional

By Benjamin_Gensler7TEACHER
32 terms by Benjamin_Gensler7TEACHER

Irregular stems for future and conditional

By MadameSturgeon
13 terms by MadameSturgeon

The Future and Conditional

By jalexander6
18 terms by jalexander6

Future and conditional

By Jeannette_StamperTEACHER
20 terms by Jeannette_StamperTEACHER

Future and Conditional

By despinawilson
32 terms by despinawilson

el future/ el conditional

By bd7911
24 terms by bd7911

Future / Conditional - irregular stems

By Annie_Delamatta
20 terms by Annie_Delamatta

Conditional and Future

By AmberLSmith
15 terms by AmberLSmith

Conditional & Future

By abugaboo
12 terms by abugaboo


By mkessler25
40 terms by mkessler25


By Carolinadams
13 terms by Carolinadams

future and conditional

By Kelly_Haubold
14 terms by Kelly_Haubold


By bureauca
27 terms by bureauca


By kpawlowicz
14 terms by kpawlowicz

Irregular future/conditional stems

By misswrightcchs
14 terms by misswrightcchs

French "Conditional"/Future stems

By mmemcgrathTEACHER
18 terms by mmemcgrathTEACHER


By kapick
12 terms by kapick

Future and Conditional

By mrshall35TEACHER
21 terms by mrshall35TEACHER