Spanish Future & Conditional Irregular Stems and Endings

24 terms By dhinkel Teacher

Irregular Future/Conditional STEMS

18 terms By Salamoney Teacher

irregular future and conditional stems

10 terms By MadameZFrench Teacher

Future / Conditional - irregular stems

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conditional & future irregular roots

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Irregular Stems for Future & Conditional

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Irregular Conditional/Future Stems

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French conditional/future irregular stems

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Future/Conditional Stems - Irregulars

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French irregular future & conditional stems

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Irregular future and conditional verbs

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Irregular Future and Conditional Stems

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Future & Conditional Irregular Verbs- Stems

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D'accord 3, 7.2 - irregular future and conditional stems

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French 10 Future, Past Future, Conditional, Past Conditional, Irregular Verbs in the future or Condi…

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Future, conditional, future perfect, conditional perfect

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U5 - Irregular STEMS for Future & Conditional

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French III: Irregular future and conditional stems

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Spanish II Future/Conditional/"se"

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SP3 Future & Conditional Irregular Stems

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Span III Future/Conditional Test

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Tous nivaux: future & conditional stems

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Spanish Irregular Conditional/Future Stems

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Irregular stems for Conditional/Future Tenses

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French IV Exam Review w/ Verbs: Subjuntive, Conditional, Future, Near Future, Past, Imperfect

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Interaction Chapter 10 Irregular future and conditional stems

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Past, Past Perfect Present, Future, Conditional

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FRENCH: Irregular Future/Conditional stems

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Buen Viaje 2 Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

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French "Conditional"/Future stems

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SJ Future/Conditional - Blue & Brown

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Spanish Irregular Future/Conditional

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Spanish Irregular Conditional/Future Stems

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Irregular Future and Conditional Stems

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Irregular Future and Conditional Stems

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Conditional and Future Irregular Verbs

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irregular perfect mix - present, past, subjunctive, future, conditional

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Future/Conditional Irregular Verb Stems

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Specialists Irregular Future/Conditional Tense

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Irregular Conditional/ future Stems

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Future/Conditional Unit 8th hour

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Future/Conditional Stems

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Future + Conditional tense (with Irregulars)s

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Future/Conditional Unit 1st Hour

54 terms By CateSpanish

The CONDITIONAL TENSE: endings (ía, ías, ía, íamos, íais, ían) are added to infinitive of regular ve…

33 terms By Sharon_Craig Teacher

Lernen: Present, Future & Conditional Mash Up!

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Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

12 terms By evancho Teacher