French "Conditional"/Future stems

By mmemcgrathTEACHER
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French Conditional/Future Stems

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French "Conditional"/Future stems

By Z1Mama
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French future/conditional stems

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French "Conditional"/Future stems

By Gethotpig
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French Conditional/Future Stems

By horsecube
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FRENCH: Future and Conditional Stems

By Olivia_Davidson8
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Verbes - Future/Conditional Stems

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French Future/Conditional Stems

By JamaicanJellyfish
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French "Conditional"/Future stems

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French Future/Conditional Stems

By Levi_Bankston
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French "Conditional"/Future stems

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Future + Conditional Verb Stems

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future/conditional stems french

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Future/conditional verb stems

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French "Conditional"/Future stems

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French Conditional/Future Stems

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French Future and Conditional Stems

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Future and Conditional Stems French

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French Future and Conditional Stems

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french conditional and future stems

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French Stems (Conditional and future)

By DiegueOli
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french conditional and future stems

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French stems for future and conditional

By Jenevieve_Escabar
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Future & Conditional French Verbs

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Future and Conditional Future Stems

By User013
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Stem for verbs in the conditional and future

By grimlon
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Stems of verbs for futur and conditional

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French irregular future & conditional stems

By jcritchleyTEACHER
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Futur/Conditional Verb Stems

By Grace_Bishop17
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FRENCH: Irregular Future/Conditional stems

By kgossmann
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By alexandria_soto3
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Common French verbs conditional and future stems

By astefanik1TEACHER
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Irregular Future & Conditional French stems

By Terri_Wright3
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Irregular Future/Conditional STEMS

By SalamoneyTEACHER
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Conditional & Future Verbs - Irregular Stems

By GoldenBowesTEACHER
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Stems of French irregular verbs in the conditional and future tenses

By CatherinetteTEACHER
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French conditional/future irregular stems

By JessW88
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French Future and Conditional Stem Changes

By rc0121
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Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By Madame_BrowneTEACHER
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Future & Conditional Verb List & Stems

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future and conditional stems

By groovybertTEACHER
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stem for irregular verbs in the future and conditional

By eseulinTEACHER
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Future / Conditional Stems

By MadamelaprofTEACHER
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French: Future and Conditional Irregular Verb Stems

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Irregular Future/Conditional French Stems

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Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By becca_mulroy
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Conditional/Future Stems

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Irregular Stems - Future & Conditional

By emilspar
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