Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

18 terms By Madame_Browne Teacher

Future / Conditional - irregular stems

30 terms By avenir1961 Teacher

Future / Conditional Stems

24 terms By Madamelaprof Teacher

Irregular Future/Conditional STEMS

18 terms By Salamoney Teacher

Italian 2 Final Exam: Future/Conditional Roots

65 terms By leonarddYHS Teacher

French "Conditional"/Future stems

18 terms By mmemcgrath Teacher

Conditional & Future Verbs - Irregular Stems

16 terms By GoldenBowes Teacher

Irregular Stems for Future & Conditional

12 terms By MissSpanish Teacher

Future/Conditional Stems - Irregulars

12 terms By Pecosoloco Teacher

conditional & future irregular roots

13 terms By campanas Teacher

Future & Conditional Irregular Verbs- Stems

12 terms By Suca98 Teacher

Future / Conditional Vocabulary - Verbs

36 terms By Christopher_Koeppen Teacher

Tous nivaux: future & conditional stems

16 terms By namerault Teacher

SP3 Future & Conditional Irregular Stems

12 terms By mclonan Teacher

French irregular future & conditional stems

28 terms By jcritchley Teacher

Spanish Irregular Conditional/Future Stems

12 terms By sgonzal20 Teacher

U5 - Irregular STEMS for Future & Conditional

20 terms By suzelbee Teacher

Future/conditional unit vocab

67 terms By aschwalen Teacher

Irregular Verbs in the FUTURE & CONDITIONAL

24 terms By sghsgarcia Teacher

Irregular Conditional/ future Stems

17 terms By schmitz-justenph

Future/Conditional Irregular Verb Stems

46 terms By Ananyatalikoti

Future/Conditional Stems

20 terms By MmeLoiseau Teacher

Spanish II Future/Conditional/"se"

30 terms By M_Dickson Teacher

Conditional/Future Irregular Verb Stems

11 terms By Saintsmalawi Teacher

Irregular stems for Conditional/Future Tenses

12 terms By SenorFlynn32 Teacher

Future/Conditional stems

17 terms By Madame_Browne Teacher

French Conditional/Future Stems

13 terms By horsecube

French Future/Conditional Tense Je Form

57 terms By lmccudden Teacher

Future/Conditional Irregular Stems

20 terms By ellehstang


120 terms By oliviermalet Teacher

Irregular Verbs in the Future & Conditional

12 terms By tburton Teacher

French "Conditional"/Future stems

18 terms By Gethotpig

Buen Viaje 2 Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

9 terms By mrs_shamgo Teacher

Irregular Conditional and Futur Verbs

15 terms By AlexanderCameron

SJ Future/Conditional - Blue & Brown

38 terms By nanw25 Teacher

Future conditionals (1st)

200 terms By Mr_Xopkins Teacher

Past, Past Perfect Present, Future, Conditional

102 terms By erussman Teacher

Spanish Future/Conditional Tense Irregular Stems

12 terms By Elizabeth_Delahoz Teacher