French Conditional/Future Stems

By twycrossspanish
13 terms by twycrossspanish

French "Conditional"/Future stems

By mmemcgrathTEACHER
18 terms by mmemcgrathTEACHER

Future Simple/Conditional Stems

By Diana_Silvestru
18 terms by Diana_Silvestru

French: Conditional/Simple future stems

By akovesdy17
33 terms by akovesdy17

French stems for conditional and simple future

By ig-pay-atin-lay
18 terms by ig-pay-atin-lay

future simple/conditional stems

By Nicks244
16 terms by Nicks244

The Conditional/Future Simple Stems

By steurermary
23 terms by steurermary

Stems for future simple/ conditional

By jujube1
27 terms by jujube1

conditional/ futur simple stems

By kmm05
24 terms by kmm05

French Future Simple/Conditional

By aamyssong
33 terms by aamyssong

conditional/futur simple stems

By laurentedford
15 terms by laurentedford

French "Conditional"/Future stems

By charlotte_anthony5
17 terms by charlotte_anthony5

French "Conditional"/Future stems

By Z1Mama
18 terms by Z1Mama

Future and Conditional Future Stems

By User013
14 terms by User013

French future/conditional stems

By talltyrionlannister
33 terms by talltyrionlannister

French "Conditional"/Future stems

By Gethotpig
18 terms by Gethotpig

French Conditional/Future Stems

By horsecube
13 terms by horsecube

FRENCH: Future and Conditional Stems

By Olivia_Davidson8
15 terms by Olivia_Davidson8

French "Conditional"/Future stems

By mattc0nley
18 terms by mattc0nley

French Future/Conditional Stems

By JamaicanJellyfish
12 terms by JamaicanJellyfish

French "Conditional"/Future stems

By Bryan_Kim5
16 terms by Bryan_Kim5

French Future/Conditional Stems

By Levi_Bankston
19 terms by Levi_Bankston

French Future and Conditional Stems

By lucycrane
23 terms by lucycrane

future/conditional stems french

By Maxk5443
18 terms by Maxk5443

french conditional/future stems

By sydneyvasile
14 terms by sydneyvasile

French Conditional/Future Stems

By savannah_barnwell3
14 terms by savannah_barnwell3

French "Conditional"/Future stems

By mlr4799
15 terms by mlr4799

Future and Conditional Stems French

By annamtka
23 terms by annamtka

French Future and Conditional Stems

By Frey8
13 terms by Frey8

french conditional and future stems

By Hannah_Gibes
17 terms by Hannah_Gibes

French Stems (Conditional and future)

By DiegueOli
11 terms by DiegueOli

french conditional and future stems

By bdowd728
12 terms by bdowd728

French stems for future and conditional

By Jenevieve_Escabar
17 terms by Jenevieve_Escabar

conditional & simple future - irregular stems

By MJMiamiBoy2
18 terms by MJMiamiBoy2

Irregular Future/Conditional STEMS

By SalamoneyTEACHER
18 terms by SalamoneyTEACHER

French irregular future & conditional stems

By jcritchleyTEACHER
28 terms by jcritchleyTEACHER

Conditional/ Simple Future Irregular Stems

By ChiChi_Nwa
15 terms by ChiChi_Nwa

Irregular Conditional and Simple Future Stems

By cjt0007
12 terms by cjt0007

FRENCH: Irregular Future/Conditional stems

By kgossmann
34 terms by kgossmann

Irregular Conditional/ Futur Simple Stems

By Emily_Atkinson9
21 terms by Emily_Atkinson9

Irregular stems for conditional & simple future

By samirvasavada
18 terms by samirvasavada

Irregular future simple and Conditional stems

By blu8berry
39 terms by blu8berry

Irregular Stems-Conditional and Future Simple

By Elizabeth_Spalding
12 terms by Elizabeth_Spalding

future and conditional stems

By groovybertTEACHER
11 terms by groovybertTEACHER

Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By Madame_BrowneTEACHER
18 terms by Madame_BrowneTEACHER

Future / Conditional Stems

By MadamelaprofTEACHER
24 terms by MadamelaprofTEACHER

simple future & conditional irregular stems

By harrison_davis4
21 terms by harrison_davis4

Conditional/Future Simple Irregular Stems

By Zachary_Timmerman
18 terms by Zachary_Timmerman

Irregular stems (conditional / future simple)

By Bessiem95
18 terms by Bessiem95

Irregular Future/Conditional Stems

By becca_mulroy
18 terms by becca_mulroy