French Beginner 2: Describing objects.

35 terms By sadfrog TEACHER

French Describing Objects

60 terms By kli435

French - describing objects GAA

63 terms By geekallaround

French Describing Objects Vocab.

69 terms By sophieraymer

French-Describing Objects

48 terms By quizlette69670

French: Describe Objects

58 terms By hesherburne

FRENCH describing objects

67 terms By emersondance

FRENCH- Describing Objects

81 terms By MelissaB22

French Describing Objects

62 terms By kenzievolleyball

French Describing Objects

67 terms By mclarkin22

Describing Objects

82 terms By Demaris_Kenwood TEACHER

How to describe objects

6 terms By sandymillin

Milyen? - Adjectives describing objects

11 terms By mrsdinnyes TEACHER

French III: describing objects

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23 terms By Metusac

Describing Objects

50 terms By Daniel_Houseman TEACHER

Describing objects

34 terms By nuraysakar TEACHER


36 terms By BackTalk TEACHER

Unit 4 - Describing Objects

27 terms By glennteacher TEACHER

Describing objects

48 terms By Jill_Douglas

Describing Objects - Features & Benefits (WIFM)

68 terms By LarryTranberg TEACHER

Describing Objects (Tagalog)

40 terms By Raquel_Barrett

Describing Objects

11 terms By idildokucu

describing objects

62 terms By MadelineHastings

Adjectives - describe objects

21 terms By RBush101 TEACHER

CH 7 Describing objects/Universe

24 terms By holasenoracahill TEACHER

Describing Objects

57 terms By mraso15

French vocab describing objects

74 terms By clarag122

French Vocabulary - Describing Objects

34 terms By annamarie_97

Describing Objects

44 terms By chloered

Describe objects

65 terms By katelonergan3

WL French describing people vocab

53 terms By actuohy TEACHER

Describing objects in French

60 terms By esikkel

Describing Objects

10 terms By ameliaon

Describing Objects

33 terms By ravenwhelan

Adjectives to describe objects

15 terms By dchivukula

French Vocab (Describe objects)

44 terms By Sydneylapin

describing objects in french

53 terms By lazylionn

French describing an object

47 terms By tarajourabchi

French Vocab Describing Objects

63 terms By jacquelyn_harms

Describing Objects - French

68 terms By chclc3009240

Describing Objects

30 terms By AnneClifford

French- describing an object

73 terms By andersak2

Describing objects

15 terms By jeanluca2

Describing objects

15 terms By daniel-28

French 1 describing/objects

89 terms By Haleyrg

Describing Objects ( 1 and 2 )

7 terms By calgan