French Directions etc.

14 terms By notwai

French Directions (near, far, next to, etc.)

12 terms By IndigoDeany

French test "questions directions etc"

82 terms By rachelsilb

French Directions for driving, walking, etc

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french direction

10 terms By hu75

To plan your day, ask and give for directions, etc.

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Benninton -Bleu- 13- directions, etc.

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French- directions/ placement

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French- directions/ placement

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Unité 7-Directions

39 terms By MmeFoster Teacher

Asking for Directions - Words in French

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La Ville et les Directions, Les Verbes, etc.

31 terms By burleym Teacher

Asking for Directions in french

20 terms By madamepierre Teacher

Directions and computers

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French Places,directions, countries..etc

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Hough HS French I Giving directions in town

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EdExcel minimum core vocab - A3 Travel, transport and directions

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[Williams- French 1] Chapitre 4: La famille et la maison

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33 terms By ClareWoolsey

Les directions

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Part IV (Particles, Directives, Conjunctions, etc.)

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Part I (Particles, Directives, Conjunctions, etc.)

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Part II (Particles, Directives, Conjunctions, etc.)

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French 203 Final Exam

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{French} Reflexive Pronouns

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Direct Object Pronouns

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Hough HS French II Preposition Review

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direct object pronouns

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Les Directions

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Part III (Particles, Directives, Conjunctions, etc.)

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French vocab.

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FRENCH TEST-directions, places in town, aller etc.

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Directional vocab

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AHS French S1 directions

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French Unit Test: En Ville

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French 2 Unit 4 Lesson 15: Section A and B

40 terms By mcsarno

French vocab.

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les pronoms reflexifs ~ reflexive pronouns (basic French)

6 terms By rchsfrench Teacher

French Exam Terms (Only Exam Terms) [Almost Finished]

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45 terms By ZByron

FRENCH: Retrouver son chemin

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Adjectives (Possessive, normal, how often, etc.)

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French Test Lesson 3+4

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French Quiz 4/4/14

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Direct Objects - Passé composé and with Infinitive

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French times and directions

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French - indirect object pronouns

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French Unit Test: En Ville

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French 102 Chap. 8 Profession

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