French Express 3.3 Calling the Airport

25 terms By dll_program Teacher

French Expressions using Être

45 terms By MmeFrench Teacher

Useful French Expressions

50 terms By jbgiltner

French Express Unit 4

16 terms By dll_program Teacher

French Expressions 1

20 terms By patricia1055 Teacher

"Sims French" Expressing Opinions

11 terms By carolannz Teacher

French Express 6.1 Dealing w/ a Flat Tire

26 terms By dll_program Teacher


50 terms By dlmw12

French Express 4.2 Inviting Someone

17 terms By dll_program Teacher

French Expressions

37 terms By EPeterson15

Essential French Expressions to communicate in class I

20 terms By cjoulain Teacher

French Express Unit 2 More Vocabulary

20 terms By dll_program Teacher

french / expressions of quantity

39 terms By larsmads

French Express 6.2 Bike Parts

16 terms By dll_program Teacher

French - Expressions of time.

34 terms By Tobberz

French Express 6.3 At a Roadblock

18 terms By dll_program Teacher

French Expressions 2013-2014

70 terms By Genericrockmusic

[French] Expressions with 'avoir'

10 terms By danidarko

French Expressions

51 terms By avadickson

French expressions

26 terms By Sam_denHolla

French Expressions

32 terms By dan1060

Hewit College French expressions for oral exam

28 terms By Trish_McGrath1 Teacher

French - Express - Unit #1

33 terms By triplethreat1

french expressions/feelings

23 terms By homeworkuse

French Expressions

64 terms By Tamign

D'accord Useful French Expressions

86 terms By uniqueakles101

French Express Unit 4 More Vocabulary

16 terms By dll_program Teacher

French Expressions

33 terms By cc06

French Express Unit 6 More Vocabulary

15 terms By dll_program Teacher

French Expressions

21 terms By yanis_chenna

D'Accord Useful French Expressions

38 terms By Madame_Dow Teacher

French expressions

375 terms By nluatarlington Teacher

French Expressions

30 terms By anna_corralgavilan

D'accord! French Expressions with "Faire" (Lesson 5A.1)

17 terms By MmeRigs Teacher

French - Express - Chapter #1 Vocabulary

49 terms By triplethreat1

AQA GCSE French: Expressions of Time- Other time expressions

30 terms By Silverblight

French expressions with Faire (part 4)

20 terms By AnulHda

Vlasic French Expressions

31 terms By EllaRStevens

AQA GCSE French Expressions: "à"

23 terms By gbbseckford Teacher

Idiomes - French expressions

5 terms By Ara_Pelz

French Expressions

30 terms By ngianco

French Expressions

60 terms By annindy24

Quebecois French Expressions #842

15 terms By Canadusa Teacher

French Expressions

36 terms By hattie_wilsonn

AP French - Expressions utiles

17 terms By swarin Teacher

AQA GCSE French Expressions: "en"

27 terms By gbbseckford Teacher

French- Expressions of Weather

7 terms By hallienowak

French expressions with Faire (part 1)

20 terms By AnulHda

French Expressions Quiz

65 terms By CGG20

french expressions

42 terms By Caitlyn_Galvin14