French Subjunctive- etre,avoir, aller, faire

By BWPilson
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French Subjunctive- etre,avoir, aller, faire

By MlleRussell
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French Subjunctive- etre,avoir, aller, faire

By Callum_MA
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French Subjunctive- etre,avoir, aller, faire

By EdwinAre
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French Etre Avoir and Faire

By Sylviexu
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French Avoir and Faire Expression

By Nerdfighter_3
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french etre, faire, avoir,

By Asarver020
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subjunctive (avoir, etre, aller, faire)

By gen_mccloskey
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French Faire, etre, and Avoir

By John_Coyle3
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French Avoir and Faire Expressions

By madamehedgerTEACHER
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French II Avoir, Etre, Faire

By Laura_HouletteTEACHER
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French faire/avoir quiz

By kenmattes
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French faire/avoir

By julianna_gullo
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French: Faire & Avoir expressions

By carlyc53
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French Avoir and Faire

By Guiteras
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French expressions avoir, faire

By Julia_Philon
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french 4 avoir and faire

By mmaarrrggoo
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french avoir+faire

By clairehubley
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French-Avoir & faire

By mikala_hunsinger
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French avoir et faire

By sdratch19
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French Avoir and Faire

By hadenflorn
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French 2- avoir and faire

By mgspringer
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French Avoir and Faire expressions

By SharayahFisher
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French avoir and faire expres.

By gabbyyyy79
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Avoir and Faire Expressions - French

By noahhetrick1
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french avoir and faire expressions

By sofia_baena
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french quiz avoir and faire

By courtneya15
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French avoir and faire idioms

By edunnn
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French Subjunctive Faire

By RebekahHeb
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French faire/avoir expressions

By aditik17
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French avoir faire

By Leoss18
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French Faire & Avoir Expressions

By Caitlin_Brown62
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French Avoir + Faire

By emmathegreat1
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French etre, avoir, faire

By kndahlg
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French Faire and Avoir

By sam_nowell
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French- Avoir and Faire Expressions

By lloeser3
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French Faire/Avoir Expressions

By wu_tim
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By nikkiapmonson
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French Faire/Avoir

By drew_tocci
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French Avoir and Faire Phrases

By mprio43
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French 3 Avoir/Faire

By silverbird125
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french avoir faire vocal

By Calen_Aubertin
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French Etre, Avoir, Faire

By ethansteier
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French: avoir and faire

By Izzy_Mayo
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French avoir, etre, faire

By hcps-fosterld1
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French Idioms Faire & Avoir

By cade1999
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