Sims French Faire forms

14 terms By carolannz Teacher

French Faire and Aller Conjugations and Expressions

21 terms By bluerosestain

French Faire Verb

9 terms By farshe

French Faire Verb

20 terms By Room206French Teacher

French FAIRE

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Ravenswood Year 8 French faire

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French- Faire and Jouer

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French - faire

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French Faire/ Jouer

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French- fair le menage

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French Faire expressions

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French Faire/Avoir Expressions

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french; faire

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GCSE French - Faire le ménage

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French Faire Expressions

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French--Faire Verb and Sports

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French faire avoir

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French: Faire & Avoir expressions

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french faire vocab

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French faire

20 terms By julian_norroy

Faire Chapter 3

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French faire expressions

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french - faire expressions

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Frënch fâïrê phràsés

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French - faire

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Koss French Faire Expressions and Question Words

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French : Faire

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French Faire Phrases

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Combo with french faire expressions and 2 others

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French Faire 2

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French Faire Expressions

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French faire expressions

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French-Faire & Jouer

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french faire

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French Faire and Pouvoir

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French Faire

8 terms By coberg19

French faire

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French: Faire

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French faire activities

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French: Faire conjugated

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French - Faire

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French Faire Test

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French: Faire: (To Do)

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French Faire Test

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French Faire

7 terms By enghazinouri

French - Fair (To make/do)

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French "faire"

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